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LS Civilization Mini-Game

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Creation & Customization' started by LastSword, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. LastSword

    LastSword Prince

    Feb 24, 2013
    December Update
    1. ModCore v15
    2. ModGraphics v12
    Added modern era, finished first full playthrough.
    At this point Victory Points are the last remaining thing to complete this mod, I feel positive to finish it by the end of 2020.
    However, for the next update I am gonna focus on small things, mainly dev by playing (balance & AI). Right now, Settling and CS Quests systems are on my radar.
    Other than that I will try to work on some less gameplay-oriented stuff: new palace graphics, UI (trade route and great people attractiveness in city view), more game setup options (customizable difficulty) and end game data.
  2. LastSword

    LastSword Prince

    Feb 24, 2013
    March Update
    1. ModCore v16 (edited/fixed)
    2. ModGraphics v13
    Two big things were adding an AI mode, which allows me doing more efficient tests, and finally keeping some data saved between game's launches, leading to memorable game options and achievements' system.
    Therefore to speed things up I plan to do before July:
    1. Increase number of achievements from 7 to around 100.
    2. Introduce Victory Points, Victory panel in end game data and Hall of Fame.
    3. Rewrite AI evaluation for settling, using in-game one was mistake (AI still do not settle as much as I would like it to do).

    I have also decided and started designing special stuff for Custom Houses and Manufactories to make them more like Academies in terms of interactivity and complexity.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2020
  3. Bonci

    Bonci King

    Oct 22, 2005
    Tridentum - Italia
    Hello! I get graphics for both links, maybe you pasted the same url?
    LastSword likes this.
  4. LastSword

    LastSword Prince

    Feb 24, 2013
    June Update
    1. ModCore v17
    2. ModGraphics v14

    Uh, mini-game it is. New stuff planned:
    The Pilgrimage mechanic: very similar to Trade-Routes, but targetting Holy Sites and Cities; add a possibiliyu for multiple Holy Cities per religion.
    Unique units for World War scenario and acquisition system.

    I would like to make next version "finalized". Some kind of more official release. Maybe some screenshoots and trailer.
  5. LastSword

    LastSword Prince

    Feb 24, 2013
    Scenario Generator (v18) [2,09 MB]
    Scenario Generator Assets I (v15) [108,42 MB]

    (final version, no more updates to it)

    • Gods and Kings
    • Brave New World
    • Babylon DLC
    • Inca DLC
    • OS allowing DLL mods
    • Strategic View mode is not supported
    • Recommended: Playing with Leader Animations off
    Copy both mods to your directory with civ 5 mods (usually: ...\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS). Enable mods in game. Then add bug fixes for the most stable gameplay.

    Bugs and Fixes

    List of known bugs + fixes:
    Spoiler :
    To fix a bug you have to download and replace file within mod folder (usually C:\Users\...\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\Scenario Generator (v 18)) with new one.

    1. Civilization of player #0 is always random. 10-12-2020
    Scenario Generator (v 18)\InGameFiles\AdvancedSetup.lua

    2. GAME RUINING Social development #194 "Epidemiology". 11-12-2020
    Scenario Generator (v 18)\GameInit\ITGSG_DarthPlagueisTragedy.lua

    3. PREVENTING SCENARIO CONVERSION Map script firing if map has no naval luxury resource (only from Medieval to Renaissance scenario). 18-12-2020
    Scenario Generator (v 18)\GameInit\ITGSG_MapExtraScripts.lua

    4. PREVENTING SCENARIO CONVERSION One in a life-time bug related to specific manufactory bonus which was applied and then the same turn Manufactory was pillaged and it wasn't fixed till end of scenario (certain variable was never generated and upon removal there were no proper check if this variable exists). 18-12-2020
    Scenario Generator (v18)\GameInit\ITGSG_Manufactory.lua

    5. Leader note generation failure (Crusade - related). 18-12-2020
    Scenario Generator (v18)\GameInit\ITGSG_HistoriographyReligion.lua

    Very low, this mod overhauls almost entire game.
    List of mods tested:
    • Single Unit Graphics (v 10)
    In terms of game modes, it supports Single Player and Hotseat.

    Mod includes five scenarios: Age of Titans/Classical, The Trial/Medieval, New World/Renaissance, Light of Hope/Industrial and Sleep of Reason/Modern which can be played separately or in series. The duration of each is 100 turns. Each scenario starts with fully generated world (cities, improvements, routes, diplomacy and more) and has unique rulesets. If you play in series, numerous of your decisions will be kept on scenario conversions (like Social Developments, Wonders, Laws). Plenty of new systems were added and many existing were redesigned to fit better a new rules. To conclude, this mod is trying to make every game as unique as possible.

    Spoiler Development note :
    This is a third iteration of a mod in this thread. First was far too ambitious (would require rewriting AI), second concept was still too complicated, finally in late 2016 I managed to glue together first version of this mod (started with New World/Renaissance scenario). After a lot of breaks I finally managed to do a second scenario at the beginning of 2018... I mean there was a lot of challenges to make a first scenario reintroduce most of game mechanics and conversion between eras is a bit tricky. After that I believe I started to prioritize this project more (or I started believing in "finishing" it) and in December 2019 I had all 5 planned scenarios. Last year I added Victory Points, some new gameplay systems and in general I believe I reached a stage when I am improving already done mod. More about that in "Further Development".

    Looking back through this thread (cringy) I noticed I was too focused on details during a first and second iterations and not touching DLL before the second iteration was a certain doom for the project. I had some funny ideas (like the Heroes III's Holy Grail puzzle). The points I feel I fulfilled or made progress towards:
    • losing a city or an unit is not a disaster
    • wonder race (in general mod makes game more interactive)
    • victory points are okayish representation of "points of glory"
    • reduced number of units on map
    • general fairness of a turn (not favouring player 0)
    • "short ~ fun related ~ remove linearity (of science for example) and reduce importance of starting locations (map in general)"
    • many ideas evolved into systems of Scenario Generator
    For me, the most important advantage of this mod over base game is fact that I can and want to play through all eras instead ending 90+% games before modern era. The forced reset of global power each scenario is a simple yet effective rubberband mechanic.

    Spoiler Screenshots :

    Spoiler Further Development :
    No more deadlines. I am basically now designing game by making notes during a play.

    Phase I
    All the small and medium things I have on my list. Notably:
    • Units and combat redesign for Renaissance and Medieval Eras (in v18 all other eras got it already).
    • Customs House redesign (v17 introduced Customs Houses and Manufactories and while v18 fixed Manufactories, Customs House remains in the cathegory or ignorable mechanics for me).
    • Holy Sites' redesign (Holy Sites are the mechanic from one of the first version and I want to make them more important).
    Minor edits to Festivals and Inspirations are planned. In addition Currency Exchange will be replaced with something simple (this mechanic got pretty much outdated by an introduction of Stock Exchange). Auction House will be most likely enhanced with some special deals.

    Phase II
    I have the concept of Internal Enemies/Political rivals which will probably be named Governors for recognition. They will provide you with bonuses, you may provide them with extra power for even more bonuses, but be careful since those entities will be coded to be ambitious, power-seeking pixels. They will definitely be tied with Anarchy and some kind of civ split (though I am not a fan of locking slots for that, it will be based on existing civs).
    Goverment will receive full re-design. I failed to make it right therefore I aiming for a completely new approach with tenets and meritocracy meter. I have the concept that finally glues together Intrigue, Goverment, Corruption, Revolutions, and Anarchy.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2020
  6. JFD

    JFD Kathigitarkh

    Oct 19, 2010
    The Kingdom of New Zealand
  7. Jiska

    Jiska Warlord

    Apr 23, 2016
    This is incredible work! It's disappointing this hasn't received the recognition it deserves; have you considered posting it to the Steam Workshop? I would personally shower it with awards it you did.
  8. LastSword

    LastSword Prince

    Feb 24, 2013
    No new version attached. Just an update on progress.

    Minor things (bugfixing, tooltips, maintenance improvements, adjustments). I have quite undervalued making detailed tooltips in the past, but nowadays I am pushing them almost everywhere (v19 has city-view tooltips for Defense and XP).

    Medieval and Renaissance units are now standardized, with new upgrade paths and about 20+ new unique units. I added damage modifiers to damage calculation method (before I had some damage modifiers in unitcombat methods, but it was being done quite from a scratch each time), which opened a path to new abilities like +33% damage vs wounded units or -25% damage taken while defending.

    Currency Exchange is replaced with Foreign Currency Reserves that can be quite cheaply established:
    Spoiler :

    The only thing left for "phase I" to be completed is AI for special deals. Gold management seems especially hard (so many options to consider)... therefore I left it for future me.
    Meritocracy level, Goverment Principles tree and corruption parameters:
    Spoiler :

    Legal actions redesigned: +(Codex strength is now based on how popular your laws are globally)
    Spoiler :

    All available Automation (+some new) is now available in single panel:
    Spoiler :

    Finally, I started doing Governors, which will be my main focus when I am gonna return to this project. I have some plain concept, basic skeleton for system. The only thing I finalized is Causes & Grudges which could be a motivation for Governors to take action against you. First indicators coded:
    Spoiler :

    Something new I came up with (not planned previously) is an alternative acquisition of rewards from technology/science. Thankfully I already coded a way to make units/buildings buildable without a prereq tech (some old bonus for innovation).
    I have added several new ways to obtain Innovation (tied to Goverment Principle).
    Religious/Admiral/General bonuses and Gold may be used to unlock units/buildings (though they must be a major player that unlocked respective tech). What is more, upon researching a technology you will receive a compensation reward (for example +100XP for unitclass). Thing is coded and even have some nice indicators on tech tree, but I forgot to screenshot those.

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