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making an apocalyptic mod.

first ground terrain retexture
i have it in now as the African desert but I'm thinking of making it the plains instead. it will blend better into my grass decal idea and i have a new feeler for the desert look. still nothing is set in stone all still in the testing phase.

i get to make a new ground design for all continents and terrain types. so i will get lots of different types the continents will look very different from 1 another.
i still have lots more to do.

Your mod reminds me a fair amount of Neo Scavenger, so you might want to go that route. The resources in Neo Scavenger are mostly very basic things--water, food, sticks and rocks that you can use for crafting, furs and some clothing, containers including cans and pots . . . mostly post-apocalyptic kind of resources.
if you want to get a sneak peak at some units for this mod here is my unit workshop where ill post a few units early.

first up super mutant roster. they are warhammer 40k ork units.

i posted a test mod in my unit workshop.
there you get a copy of these set up to be used with in game editor to set up some battle and watch the animations.


the combat is definitely worth checking out. super cool.
uses a awesome mix of both ranged and melee.
new awesome effects, and great unique combat styles.
some sort of toxic waste/dump feature i might make it toxic or nucluer waste, i dot know yet.
it will replace the oasis feature in the mod.
i wont be needing the oasis is my apocalyptic mod, like everything else its getting tossed and replaced for this overhaul.

i think ill also allow it to spawn in the plains, and the tundra or snow but make it so it cant be next to forest/ruins as the forest will be ruins in the mod.

im thinking of making it only useful to the super mutants, and avoided by most others.
ill penalize most for being near it in a small way, bad to no yields, ill have it effect disease when i incorporate the disease mod into this mod, and maybe even not allow certain buildings to be build in a city near it. but maybe even give a pay off for being near them through policy or ideology or religion choices so some one can still go for them if they worked at it, and use those methods to overcome the penalty turning it slowly into a bonuses, ill work that all out when the time comes and i get into that part of things.

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first look at the Asian continent textures.
i also threw in the ruins replacement for the tree's
the ruins are test models still being updated. these aren't as good as my single tile ruin set but its way easier and what ill go with for now. these models are finicky but coming along.
i decided to take my desert african texture and use it for the asian desert texture im going a different way with africa.

Spoiler :


forest and jungle ruin replacement models for the Asian continent tree set is just about finished.
i just need to touch up the texture in a few areas like the gas station looks to new, but i think these will be the tree replacement models.
they simply replace the tree model civ uses to a ruins set of models.

the jungle set is more city like and the forest is more rural or residential like.

i adjusted the way civ places the tree models. this was the best i could do. civ used the models at random. civ also changes the sizes of the models from time to time so that is why some things are larger then other like some cars are small and some are big i cant stop that.

Spoiler :







Spoiler forest = suburban/rural ruins :


Spoiler jungle urban/city ruins :


here is a test mod so any one who sees this can test the ruins out.

I'm only working with the Asian continent right now African is my texture tester continent.

this is a dlc mod it is the only way i could access the tree models they are pretty hard coded in.
the dlc folder needs to be placed here.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization V\Assets\DLC

every continent for right now has Asian jungle and forest models replacing the trees but ill do new sets for those continents too.

I'm getting closer and closer to setting the stage for my mod. then the real work can begin.
sorry the ruins models cant be better they are super finicky. and many times broke with better models.

this entire mod will be a dlc mod.

ill have to replace several graphics from original civ 5 im not using to new ones to conserve on civ's resources while playing.
unit coding will get a little confusing but many units will need to over ride some of civs original units by name. so the original isnt loaded into the game at all.
even if i delete the coding the gr2 is what is consuming resources and data. and ill need all the spare data i can get. im hoping the ruins graphics didnt already put me near that point it would be sad i would hate to go even lower quality.
I have started work on the African ruins models sorry I do not have pictures yet.
I haven't worked on them for probably 3-4 weeks I'll get them finished and presentable some time after the holidays.

I'm also going to have to go back and redo the dds layout and dds file for the asian city sets.
The dds is to large and contains way to many pixels but that's what all the testing is for. The number of pixels is making them look bad. Civ can't display it as well.
I need every thing but the signs to be less detailed won't be to hard just a little re-arranging and resizing.
I want to be able to zoom in and see the fallout Chinese propaganda I put on them.

I know it's unnecessary, but I think it's one of those things people will like ( or at least I will) even though it really doesn't matter.
When I go to do the american continent I will also be doing some American propaganda from fallout 3.

I'm hoping I can shrink it all down and adjust the signs and keep them visible.
Shrinking the whole dds it's self left the signs unreadable blurs. I need to enlarge the signs in the dds after I shrink the dds. Will require a layout adjustment in blender but it's no big deal.

I can't wait to have all the continents done, so I can move onto natural wonder models, units, improvement models, building models, new world wonder models, and new city sets.

I have a few improvement models I haven't showed off yet. But I think I'll hold off on loading them in and taking pictures, unless I drag my feet making the rest continent textures and ruin models, then I'll post a few pics earlier then I planned.
sorry for the long wait but here it is

the first look at the new African continent.

Spoiler grassland :


Spoiler plains :

plains (2).jpg

Spoiler desert :

desert (3).jpg

Spoiler tundra :


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sadly i do not have the African forest replacement yet they are both using the same set of models which are the jungle replacement models to make them the city/urban ruins.
im still working on those.
im thinking of redoing my city sets models wise after i finish a set for all continents, maybe even make it modular have a drag and drop option to change out sets to new ones.

i need to add more things to spread the buildings out, more common objects i can use in all the sets that are small.
cars and crater just aren't enough to cut it.
im thinking of adding some barrels and maybe skeletons to the ruins models sets as common objects that will be in them all like the craters and cars.
maybe some one here can post an idea. idk ill come up with some stuff.

enough about future plans, ill talk about the African stuff i added.
i decided to make Africa with a volcanic and cracked earth landscape.
i just felt like it, it seemed cool at the time. plus i have a few volcanoes i might try to working them into the game some how (making most Africa only natural wonders to fit the landscape).
let me know if you like it or not. it might not be as cool as i imagined.

in the jungle ruins i added hedge hog tank traps and a ruined sky scraper unique to the continent.
its not as largely populated looking as the Asian jungle set. that was part of my intention. i want Africa to look less developed and more destroyed compared to other continents.
should i change up the African textures and make it more volcanic?
i also have this idea for a more volcanic look.

i change the desert to the grassland and remove the old grassland texture. like here in this picture.
Spoiler new grassland :


then i add a new desert texture that will be similar to this one here (a generic one from google)

Spoiler new desert :


Spoiler new landscape :

some one please tell me what you think?
for starters...

1. was the volcano theme a bad idea?
2. is making it more volcanic going to far and ruining it or does it make it look better?
and anything else over all you would like or don't like so far, and/or anything you would like to see added.

if it helps the game setting will be sci-fi after the end of the world.
its going to start off wacky sci-fi and medieval technology will be used side by side at the games start. modern buildings/weapons will be hard to obtain as resources will be almost non existent at the start of the game, including food that will be your likely early focus.
the late game will heavily focus on sci-fi and rebuilding the world. clearing more and more of the ruins making improvements and what not.
i have a few cool sci-fi ideas to add and snag from other mods, but i want to go way more into the sci-fi realm then most have done before.
i have a few hovering/floating world wonder ideas and 1 model so far.
im also adding new races to the game. you'll be able to choose between a hive civilizations, mutant civilizations, alien civilization(s) maybe, and human civilizations.
the races just use the culture groups of the civilizations, ill be changing the models for the culture groups to represent the new races. i have done a hive city set and posted pictures of the city set (a few pages back) at least version 1, more needs to be done to it.
i have yet to make any civilizations I'm still working on making the culture groups. but that is most of work for what I'm doing. cant do the coding with out the models and art work.
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i think ill be removing flood plains from the game entirely.
for what im doing its kind of un needed and just will get in the way.

what do you all think of that is it terrible of me?
im thinking of doing the water very soon?

so what should i do dirty-ugly green to dirty-ugly brown?
or should i just leave it blue?

what's your water idea?
new water colors.
and the first water feature.
ill replace the atolls with sea trash or garbage patches I'm not sure what to call it yet. the atoll has 5 graphic variants. besides making the graphics doing it that way all that is really needed is some text file changes the existing coding is fine.

i have not finished the African forest replacement yet. my newest one broke the graphics so it must be edited again.

Spoiler :



I still have to finish up Africa and present that. I'm going to update the textures slightly and tune up the ruins models.

Europe and America I need to do the ground decals and both forest and jungle ruins.

I'm thinking of breaking off from my standard of making the forest rural ruins and jungle urban ruins.
I think for that continent I'm going double city ruins.

I'll make the forest commi ruins and the jungle freedom ruins. Give it sort of cold war look.

So how is that idea. Is it good or bad?

I could also do maybe and axis vs allies look instead.

Tell me what you guys think. What type of continent themes would you want.
I'm open to suggestions well more like hoping you guys give some.

My imagination is slow and sucks. Please give me some ideas for anything. Write it in this thread and I'll reference it later. I randomly jot down ideas In this thread to look at later.

I need continent themes ideas
World wonders
Natural wonders
Tile improvements
Tile features
Unit ideas
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the trash model isn't that great now but its the first test and 1 of 5

main thing is i removed the flickering and black spots on the texture.
that mainly needs a reduction in contrast. as civ when the camera is moving and zoomed out it starts to combine/merge pixels.

in detailed tiles this can cause an issue. manly it looks unappealing to the eyes when zoomed out and when moving the camera.

this i believe this is due to the wat the pixels are combined when moving and zoomed out.

when civ moves the camera and it is zoomed out. to much the difference in those colors causes this. the solution is to reduce the detail and contrast and have them blend together color wise.
the easiest way is to reduce the contrast between the pixels in the dds file
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