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Map "pings" in BtS (Multiplayer)


Jan 20, 2006
Salt Lake City, UT
(Note: I posted this first in the Multiplayer forum last week and let it sit for several days but it has not been answered yet, so I'm trying here)

Since installing BtS and playing multiplayer, the map ping functionality does not appear to work. I don't know if they tweaked something and I need to use it differently, or if it's bugged, or what.

Previously, in vanilla and Warlods, if you were to ping a map location, players on your team would receive a notification and a little icon they could click on, which would zoom them to the location pinged. It also had a nice big burst graphical effect.

In BtS, this no longer occurs. The burst effect still happens, but there is no notification that a location has been pinged, nothing for them to click on, etc. I play Civ4 almost exclusively multiplayer with my friends, so this is more than a little annoying.

I'm probably just overlooking something bleedingly obvious, but could someone tell me how to properly ping now in BtS? :)

Yeah, I noticed this too. I miss it since I used it a lot. No one else has appeared to have noticed or care that it doesn't work any more, so I have no idea if it's broken or changed or what :(
I noticed this in a MP game with my boyfriend. It really makes pointing out big stacks, cities to attack or even oddities that we'd find funny. I really want the old ping back.
Shortcuts also doesnt bring up a notification like it used to.

Whats the point in pinging, when i have to tell the others where to look out for the ping first?

When directing them towards the segment of the ping, i can as well add the description "next to that hill" instead of pinging it.
This is terribly annoying. I hope they fix this in their upcoming patch!!!
Posted in the new patch's change log:
"Fixed ping - now has a special message, sound, and a plot indicator"
Did you post it in bug reports? No chance of fixing if they don't know about it.

No, but I will. I wasn't sure if it was a bug or if the mechanism has simply been changed, and I didn't know how to use it properly. Judging by the responses, it looks like it's most likely a bug.

Thanks for the input, all :)
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