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[Map Script] Ringworld3

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Map Scripts' started by Temudjin, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. Temudjin

    Temudjin Chieftain

    Oct 16, 2007

    Ringworld3 v1.02

    Temudjin (2010-11)​
    Map-Script for Civilization 4​

    Ruff_Hi posted an interesting script named Ring World. I played with it a bit and the result was Ringworld2.
    Now I converted and expanded the internal MapTools to the external MapScriptTools and made a few more map options available. Basically Ringworld3 is an upgrade from Ringworld2, showing off many advantages of the MapScriptTools.

    The map is fully compatible with: 'Fall from Heaven 2', 'Planetfall', 'Mars Now!' and their modmods. Actually it should work with just about any mod, except for 'Final Frontier' and its modmods.

    This map needs MapScriptTools.py (included in the download) in the ...\Assets\Python directory of either Civ4, BtS or the Mod.

    Map Options:
    The user has several custom options:

    Balancing Boni
    To balance starting positions, you can choose to place one of each from a list of mod-depending strategic boni into the vicinity of each starting-plot.

    Region Strength
    There are 4 partly overlapping regions in the map: Hills - Flat, Grass - Desert. The user can designate how strongly regional the map is.

    Pole Position
    Choose if the equator is in the middle, north or south of the map
    *NorthPole to SouthPole
    Equator to SouthPole
    NorthPole to Equator
    No Poles​

    Surface Shape
    Solid Ring - One strip of continuous land, possibly divided by small channels ( ~ 55% Water )
    *Continents - Several continents and a few islands with some ocean in between ( ~ 60% Water )
    Islands - Several islands and perhaps a couple of small continents ( ~ 70% Water )​

    Coastal Waters
    Choose whether some parts of the coast will expand into the ocean (like Civ5).

    Team Start
    Choose whether your team-mates start in the neighborhood, far away or somewhere random - not 'Mars Now!'
    *Team Neighbors
    Team Separated
    Randomly Placed​

    Mars Theme
    Choose whether all open water has evaporated to create desert or if there's water aplenty. - 'Mars Now!' only
    *Sands of Mars
    Terraformed Mars​

    Map Notes:
    This script constructs a long skinny map that is only 16 tiles high.
    - The map is cylindrical (X-wrapped).
    - The width of the map depends upon the size selected by the user.
    - It's an artificial world built using random, not fractal, patterns.
    - There are few Mountains ('Planetfall' gets some extra).
    - Mountains on Ringworld3 are 'reverse craters' from incoming space debris hitting the other side.
    - On 'Continents' a few of those hits caused the breaking up of the landmass into several big chunks.
    - On 'Islands' even more hits have broken most of those continents and deformed the the whole structure.
    - Usually you have only two neighbors; instruct your diplomats to act accordingly!
    - In 'Planetfall' you really don't want to use 'Scattered Pods' with maps bigger than 'Standard'.

    Known Problems:
    'Fall from Heaven 2' has difficulties to correctly display the grid near the poles, which is a problem for Ringworld3, since most of the tiles are near the poles. It doesn't seem to affect gameplay though.
    To correct this:
    1) download landscape.7z from Moar retextures by OnmyojiOmn
    2) extract 'OceanGRIDS.dds' into '...\Mods\Fall from Heaven 2\Assets\Art\Terrain\Textures'

    Spoiler :

    - Fixed ??, MAC compatibility with key parameter in sort() method
    - Fixed [Master of Mana], saving/reloading/showing game options gave errors with dummy options
    - Changed, Ringworld is now a y-wrapped for Pole Position: 'No Poles'

    - Fixed, numWaterNeighbors() actually counted peaks
    - Fixed [Mars Now!], team start normalization
    - Added, new map option for expanded coastal waters (like Civ5)
    - Added [Mars Now!], new map option for theme: 'Sands of Mars' or 'Terraformed Mars'
    - Changed, adjusted starting plot finder for desert worlds
    - Changed, stratified normalization process
    - Changed, reorganised function call sequence within map building process
    - Changed [Mars Now!], using dedicated terrain generator

    - Initial Release

    Screen Shots:
    Later - if ever - sorry!

    Attached Files:

  2. Temudjin

    Temudjin Chieftain

    Oct 16, 2007
    A new version.
  3. Temudjin

    Temudjin Chieftain

    Oct 16, 2007
    Another new version. Hope it works with MAC now.
  4. Slagar10

    Slagar10 Chieftain

    Sep 27, 2013
    I haven't tried it yet, but this seems like a really neat idea that would offer a unique experience. I'll try to remember to let you know what I think after playing it.

    On a side note this feels very reminiscent of Halo.

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