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Chicken Walker
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Oct 6, 2001
I was just reading through all of the CP polls and I noticed something: We are building markets in cities with 0 or 1 tax in them. This does absolutely nothing!!! If the city doesn't have at least 2 gold, then the market won't even support itself. Why are we building markets??? We are destroying our economy with them. If I am way off base here, or if I am missing something, please tell me. I just think that it is weird, that's all. What do you guys think?

My idea has nothing to do with that. Since elections are coming up and soon there will be a tabulation of our current president's approval rating. I say we should do it diff. this time. Last time, there was an option for 5%, 10%, 15%, etc. I propose that we post a 2 option poll. It will read along the lines of "Did you approve of the reign of our president, AoA?" They can either vote yes or no. The percent yes will be our presidents approval rating. I find that a lot less confusing. Again, what do you guys think? Another reason I posted this was to get people talking, it seems like this forum only gets a post every couple hours at the most.
I think we are building markets so that when the cities grow they will be useful and then we do not have to build markets in the future when we may need to be building an army etc.

Your second point could work but it would be less useful really because anyone who would give AoA over 50% will probably vote yes. So it doesn't show whether he was a good, excellant or average president and would only show whether people thought he had done okay or bad...
I guess the hope with the markets, as Dell mentioned, is to be in place when the economy grows. There are so many reasons to build up trade in any civ2 game, and the fact that it will help these marketplaces perform as intended should be another added one. Caravans MUST be a huge part of the next cabinet's term - and hopefully we'll trade internally to get more "bang for the buck" so to speak long term.

One thing that will be nice with the marketplaces - even if they cancel themselves out for now - is that they can help with the happiness. This is nice especially on Emperor and higher. Given that we now have Mike's Chapel, we may even consider becoming a republic.

Looking forward to our future in Fanatica.
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