Minor UI Tweak Suggestions


Aug 2, 2007
Tweaks that would improve the game but not impact any core gameplay.

* A toggle to "Avoid Growth All Cities", which you can turn on and off in a crisis.

* Don't lose focus on current unit if you open a city detail screen. When you have an active worker who needs orders, it's very common to click the CITY Details screen to see what he should do next. The only problem is that when you then exit this screen, a different unit is selected.

* A mouseover approach to see how many turns a worker has left on his current build project. Currently you have to select the worker. The probelm is the worker already has orders, so then you have click "next unit" or something like that to get off the screen.

* A way to indicate in the city state screen which resources the city state ACTUALLY HAS ACCESS TO. The ones nearby are also good to know but, maybe you could color code the ones they actually have.

* A view that tells you the source of each resource you have access to, so you know what you will lose if you go to war or renegotiate trades. It would also be good if it tells you that an agreement is set to expire.

* When you load a saved game it should say "Continue your Journey" instaed of "begin your journey"

* Player's custom name not on the game loading screen, instead the default leader name is shown.

* it is too hard to see your active deals either with all players or just the one your are negotiating with. The Diplomacy screen does not have a view to show all active deals. YOu have to dig through the "Diplomacy History" to see that, and that screen requires lots of clicking.

* Diplomacy history for current deals has a very strange way of presenting the deal. They say when it started and how many turns it will be, but it should instead say how many turns are left. Also there is a typo on active deals it says "deal ended" and then the turn that it WILL end.

* UI Bug: If you put your worker on an UNOWNED hex and you mouseover the worker actions, the information about how the improvement will change the hex output is not accurate. FOr example doing this for a FARM in the early game shows +2 Food, but if you then purchase that land and mouse over again, you will see that you get only +1 food from adding a farm (BTW This happened to be a tile near a lake, so maybe it has something to do with the game incorrectly assuming you have already researched civil service)

* A way to show who each Rival Civ is at war with and any of their agreements that are "public knowledge", or have been announced by in-game alerts. Even a "What deals do you have with other civ's?" button in the diplomacy screen will be nice." I am even ok if the enemy civ says "We don't like you enough to say".

* A Way to guage the Rival civ's attitude toward you. The facial expression in the actual diplomacy screens are not so clear.
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