Mirror Monitor


Jun 22, 2004
I have a small security system with 9 cameras, connected to a local server. The monitor for that computer is permanently watching the 9 cameras. I wanted to see the same 9 cameras in a TV set installed somewhere else, so I put a video card with TV out and connected the TV there.

The funny part is that depending on the configuration I can only see part of the cameras, ie: if the screen is divided in 9 I can see all the cameras but in the middle I see a pink square, if I set the monitor to see 2 cameras with bigger windows and the other cameras with smaller windows I can only see the smaller windows, and in the bigger windows I only see pink sqares again. I tried with several TV sets (and security monitors) and the result is the same. I tried playing with the refreshment rates of the monitors and I get different results, but in every case there is always some cameras I cannot see. I tried changing the video cards (3 of them) but no way.

I doubt it but... has anyone ever seen anything like this? or does anyone have a clue of what might be happenning?
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