Mixing CTP with Civ 3


Jan 27, 2002
I'm not sure where to post this for the best chance of getting help on this. Here's the problem... I have been toying around with the city graphics for ToT and Civ 3, and I was trying to figure out how to transfer Call To Power graphics over to ToT and Civ 3. I wanted to use the Diamond Age Supercity, Modern Age Metropolis, and Genetic Age Superdomes as my city graphics, and the domed hydroponic farms for irrigation or farmland, as well as MagLev's for railroads in Civ 3 and ToT. :scan:

The problem I ran into was that my Paintshop Pro 4.7 won't open the CTP graphic files. I think they're in zfs format, and do you know any program I can free download from the internet to open the zfs files? Or am I looking in the wrong place for the city graphics? Any help would greatly be appreciated!!! :goodjob:
Go to the Apolyton CTP2 Creation forum. I don't know *anything* about graphics but I think someone made a utility for reading .zfs files and there are guys there who can help you.
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