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MLF Frontend

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Utility Programs' started by Arrorn, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Arrorn

    Arrorn Chieftain

    Jan 9, 2010
    Michigan, USA
    I have over the past several months created a Front-end Application for the MLF Modular Loading Controls Files.
    This Utility is a initial release. I have not included the command line version.

    • Edit whether the directory loads
    • Add a directory to load
    • Block other users using this utility from editing whether a directory loads
    • Create an alias that other users using this Utility will see rather than the default directory name
    • Display an image with an entry
    • Edit MLFs in immediate subdirectories
    • Start BTS ROM from application

    The Start BTS ROM option searches for the Civ4BeyondSword.exe in the 4 most most likely places:
    • In the 5th directory directly beneath the Frontend
    • C:\Program Files (x86)
    • C:\Program Files
    • C:\Valve
    • C:\Steam

    To Use:
    • Press the buttons or use the menu at the top
    • Includes both simple and advanced views
    • Goes into second subdir
    • While editing the Load of a Directory you may press close window to stop without writing changes
    • Checks if a directory exists first, if it doesn't it doesn't ask you to change the load order.
    • Application and installer are fairly self explanatory...
    • Restricted.txt file included by installer

    I welcome any and all comments, suggestions, and bug reports.
    This is the initial release
    I hope you enjoy this program and that it is helpful.

    Also I wish to create a universal restricted.txt file... This is for Modders who wish to lock the load of a directory or if they wish to rename a directory with out the hassle that goes along with it.
    I currently only have some of Afforess's directories locked. The current version of the Restricted.txt is included by the installer

    Spoiler :
    Please do not edit this file by hand...
    To create a restricted directory:
    start a line with a ! and ends with a $.
    To create an alias for a directory:
    start a line with a # type the directory name and end with a $.
    start a line with a @ type the name you wish to appear in the MLF Frontend and end with a $.

    !Advanced Diplomacy$

    @Beautification Project$
    @Civic Buildings$

    Copyright (C) 2010 Devon McAvoy
    Licensed under the GNU General Public License

    I programmed this in Python 3.1, cx_Freeze, Dustutils, and TkInter and used Installjammer to create the installer.
    This Program is licensed under the GNU General Public License which is included by the installer.

    Included by Installer:
    • Application and python modules that it is dependent on
    • Source code for application
    • Restricted.txt

    *NOTE*-This installer does not install Python. It is a semi-self-contained .exe

    P.S. I did not post this in utilities forum because its only useful for ROM Modmods that use the MLF Modular Loading Controls File... ;)

    FIXED: Installer tries to run application after install even with no option. Then the application would crash.
    FIXED: Even after the Frontend found Civ4Bts executable it would continue searching until crash.


    Spoiler :


    MLF Frontend 2 from my main post
    Main post

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