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"Mod cannot load correctly" Help!


Feb 21, 2024
I'm very new to modding civ6 and wanted to make a custom civ so I tried to follow this tutorial:
and when I looked at my selection of civs, my custom one wasn't there! So I'd done some research and found nothing except for this one thing about turning off the DLC? Even though it should be compatible because of the settings in modbuddy but ok buddy.
It worked but as I looked at my civ in excitement it was quickly obliterated by the stupid question mark where my icon should be! ALL OF MY TEXTURES WERE GONE! THE HEL!! And so I did some more research and found nothing again :shock: so after trying anything at all I eventually came across trying to play as my civ, just for it to come up with thy error "Mod cannot load correctly". So I tried to do some more research just for the same thing to happen again. I've restarted my pc and all other stuff, I don't even know why! It not work :'(

Please help me, many many thanks, It feels like I'm taking civ turns irl.
(I can provide any more information needed or files if necessary.)
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