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Mod enabled but doesn't show up in game


Feb 21, 2023
tl;dr I made a mod and enabled it; logs show no errors, but my mod doesn't show up in the in-game mod list. Any ideas?

My friends and I successfully disabled world congress by editing local XML files to have it start in age 20. Now we'd like to remove era score by changing dark/golden age thresholds to force all normal ages, and possibly make some other simple parameter changes.
We want to have a convenient, central way to formulate and synch these changes, so making a mod seems ideal.

I created a test mod using ModBuddy from the Development Tools via Steam and built it. It shows up in additional content and I can enable it, but when I load into game the content list in the pause menu doesn't show it.

To make my test mod, I created a new empty mod with ModBuddy, copied in Expansion1_GlobalParameters.xml with a changed filename, and tweaked or commented out some parameters. I left the autogenerated art XML file in and clicked build. (I'm not sure that's the correct approach to modding global parameters, but my immediate issue is just seeing the mod in-game.)

I've inspected Modding.log and Database.log; I see my mod getting loaded, targeted, and enabled, but there are no error messages. I also changed my XML file to introduce a syntax error, but I wasn't able to see any sign of that error in the logs.

Other things I've tried:
-disabled my mod, restarted civ, enabled it, restarted civ, and launched a game
-disabled all content except RF, GS, and my mod and launched a game
-made a new game, set leaders explicitly, and saved immediately (someone on Steam suggested it)

Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

I used the built-in wizard to export my mod to Steam and made it public; it's https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2936894638. (It's called "One True Bird Mod" because I always name my religions Comfort Eagle.) I've also attached the XML file I modified.

I've attached Modding.log and Database.log from one of my attempts. To generate them, I
1) disabled all content except RF, GS, and my mod
2) restarted civ
3) hit play now

As I said above, the name of my mod is "One True Bird Mod". Thanks for any help!


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You don't have any InGameActions defined (i.e. UpdateDatabase) in your modinfo. You need to add the following in order for the game to know what to do with your file:

  <UpdateDatabase id="OTB_Update_Database">

I also added a LoadOrder property as well just to ensure that your file loads after all the game files (at least 100 is generally a good rule of thumb). The id can really be whatever you want.
Perfect, thank you for this timely and helpful information! That fixed everything, we're excited to try it out in a big game.
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