Mod idea: zones of control feasibility?


Oct 27, 2006
My mod idea is to implement the zones of control for ground and sea combat units found in Civilization II. Explanation: A zone of control means that you cannot move from one tile adjacent to a unit with a zone of control to another tile adjacent to a unit with a zone of control.

To do this successfully, I would need to be able to teach the AI what to do when a unit gets caught in a zone of control, I would need to be able to display some sort of status message to the user when one of the user's units attempts to violate a zone of control, and I would need to implement the graphics trick whereby any unit exerting a zone of control on another unit is revealed to the exertee when the exertee tries to violate the exerter's zone of control. The exerter would not normally be revealed because it would be two spaces away, and the exerter still won't be revealed if the exertee passes in and out of the exerter's zone of control without attempting to violate it.

Of course, there need to be obvious exceptions - open borders nullifies zones of control, scouts neither exert nor are restricted by zones of control.

I was wondering if the more experienced users could tell me if this mod is possible before I start spending time trying to implement it.
Actualy, I think a form of Zone of Control can be implemented. But instead of ristricting movement, it should trigger an ranged attack by the unit which can attack at range. I already managed to let a unit counter bombard when a unit is atacked by range, the same could be possible when a unit moves into range of a unit which can attack at range at the target. This would especialy be great for naval combat.

I plan to add zone of control to my [BST SDK] Ultimate Ranged Combat Mod. Hopefully you will like it
Some like what fanatic Demon is taking about is kindof already done. I think its called somekind of Fort Mod. Its deals damage to people when passing by an enemy controled fort. Im sure it would be possible to expand that mod into what you are talking about here.

I beleave the fort mod is build into ViSa Modpack
I am finishing up a mod that will imitate the ZoC movement restrictions from Civ2. Will be a couple more days, but is just about done. :)
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