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  • Masada is genuienly (I forgot how to spell it) a nice person, he was literally helps me from academic mess lol yes quite obivius isnt it? I currently live in Indonesia
    geographically speaking, I think you are my closest neighbor in CivFan, if you are from Singapore, you even more a neighbor to me than Masada lol
    I while ago I asked a question in the ask a red thread. Since you seem like the most active person of the people eligeble to answer in that thread, I figured to ask you if you could check it out. I hope you don't mind.

    I'd also like to add that I like your posts.
    Well, there's too many strategy gamers here, maybe. :)
    I could do a reboot comment in a while, when I have time to sift through it.
    I believe that your clash of civilisations thread could benefit from an RD tag. I've subscribed anyway. :)
    No it wasn't you who said the world isn't Star Trek, go away. :) Thanks for your response though!
    The music, that's interesting. It's an aspect of the show that didn't really stuck out to me.
    Probably my favorite anime :) Always happy to see people recognize it.

    I'm a bit surprised it caught your attention, I rarely venture out of the Civ4 C&C forums these days.
    I do the occasional drive-by to humorous effect. Mostly, though I've given up though. Idiots will continue to be idiots whatever I do.
    I will check out The Culture Industry, thanks.

    I have heard Zizek, and aside form what he says about "20th Century socialism" being a "Mega mega catastrophe," I did like what he had to say about "Cultural Capitalism."

    You still live in SE Asia?
    You make perfect sense. Your English is way better than mine. I take it you're a native (as in UK) speaker? I am handicapped because I am a North American.

    What attracts you to the Frànkfurt school? An OLD friend of mine, now passed, who met Herbert Marcuse (who was very old at the time.) He disagreed with Marcuse's (implied) class substitutionalism, but I do not know anything about it. Any books to recommend?

    I, however, would highly recommend some non-Marxist takes on the socialist systems of education and medicine, namely: Jonathan Kozol's Children of the Revolution about Cuba's literacy campaign; Revolutionary Doctors by Stephen Brouwer, who is a supporter of one of my organizations -- it's about the MIC (Medicina Integral Comunitaria. or "Inegrated Commnity medicine) health system in Venezuela.

    Also, check out the film "Salud.". It about Cuba's medical missions around the world. We know and work with one of the Honduran doctors featured there.

    Anyway, keep in touch.
    Hey, aelf, I have read your posts, and since we are CFC Friends and fellow reds, I thought I'd give a shout out. You seem to say what you have to, in few words that don't seem to diminish the impact of what you say. That is a rare and needed quality. What, may I ask, are your guiding influences? I think everyone knows I am Marxist-Leninist, but I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about my body of theory.

    In Soldarity,
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