Mod Proposal


Jul 19, 2002
IMHO the only thing that Civ 5 improves is the one unit per tile stacking.

Is is possible to mod Civ 4 so as to limit stack sizes to say 5 units, and to make units progressively more expensive to build, as time goes by, in order to limit the total units?
My own suggestion would be to not make units more expensive as such, but to rather make all military units into "national units" or whatever they are called. (Like missionaries, you know, only allowed to build some 3 or 5 at the time or something like that.) But the twist would be that the number of allowed units would be dependent on the number of strategic resources you have access to. So, for example, each Iron and Oil would permit 3 armored units of some type. A player with access to 4 Iron and 5 Oil would thus be able to build a whopping 12 Tanks, as an example - but there could still be a total cap of say 10 armored units per player. Or, the highest number could be the total number of cities you have, or something.
I like that idea very much, there is a mod, don't know exactly the details but it fuels the units, meaning some units may consume resources. However in Civ5, one plot may provide n number of the resource, this would have to be implemented also or maybe one resource would allow n units.

In Civ5 there is also a total unit handicap, I'm guessing it's relative to the empire's size, something like could also be implemented, however the limitation to units could be through maintenance making it not suitable to have a large army you don't need.

The handicap of unit per tile should work per unit type, allowing a more diverse army( swordsman, axeman, archer and catapult one of each on a tile). This feature would also go along fine with the surround and destroy feature( not sure but i guess it's from recent RevDCM).

I'm thinking of a whole modpack just to enable all of those features together with unit and buildings to fit it.
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