[Mod] R.E.D. for Old World


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Oct 4, 2004
Reduced units and resources scale with new formations and more members for units

Download here


Known issues: some resources are flattened by the re-scaling.

And thanks @Dale for the tutorial.
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Awesome! The giant models have really been bugging me...gonna get this installed ASAP and can't wait to see what else modders come up with for this game!
The resources look better this way, perhaps just a bit bigger, but better than the huge horses/camels :p
OP link updated with a new version
- add a few more formations
- compatibility fix with patch 0.1.38180
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New version attached to OP
- add a simple Settler formation
- compatibility fix with patches 0.1.40172 & 0.1.40451
new version finally uploaded on mod.io, should have formations for all units now, let me know if I missed some.
Tx for the great mod!

Personal edits:
1) Middle elephant a bit forward
2) 2 settlers instead of 1 unit (was to lazy for 3)
May not be the best place to ask, but since this is the only unit mod out there...is there any way now to add assets to the game? Unit looks?
Can anybody include the new Hittites empire added with DLC to this nice mod? ( I would do it myself If I'd knew how to do it...)
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