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[C3C] Modern Units Mod

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Completed Scenarios' started by CivCat101, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. CivCat101

    CivCat101 Chieftain

    Jul 3, 2018
    Fellow Civ 3 players, boot up your Civ3 and load a world you have that's in the modern era. Look at the different units you have - most likely only Modern Armor, Mech Infantry, and maaaybe Radar Artillery!
    In terms of unit variety, it's a wasteland!
    It is for that reason that I present to you Modern Units!

    What is Modern Units?
    Modern Units is a Civ3 Complete mod that strives to vary the combat of the modern era by adding a plethora of new units. It aims to be an improvement mod, not a total conversion mod, that starts the player in the modern era and sets the stage for massive conflicts that require more strategy that a single stack of units and attempts to balance nuclear warfare by providing a greater variety in nuclear strategy and better second-strike capability for a ready nation.

    This mod was made with Civilization III Complete. I would not advise playing it in anything other than that, but Conquests might work. I don't know the technical aspects of the game and if it doesn't work, it may corrupt all your files.

    Okay, so what does it add?

    Modern Infantry, Machine-gunners, Attack Helicopters, Spy Planes, Private Military Contractors, Assault Teams, Snipers, Special Forces, Combat Engineers, Flamethrowers, Nuclear Bombers, a new form of government, and even more! Those are just the additions - countless tweaks and fixes have been made to the vanilla game. To get your modern-age Civilization up to speed, you start with ten settlers, twenty five workers, and fifteen Modern Infantry. All city improvement costs have been halved so that your Civ develops quickly. Stats have been dramatically changed and balanced to represent how real-world armies use units. In addition, Unique Units such as T-72s, M1A1 Abrams tanks, and Jackal Fighting Vehicles among others are planned additions if the community shows support for this mod.

    Transport has now become an especially important factor as Mech Infantry and Modern Armor have far more movement points that normal infantry. These units are, however, expensive, so instead of your army being comprised entirely of armored units, cheap foot soldiers now play a larger role. Machine gunners are great defensive units, flamethrowers have excellent offense, Modern Infantry is well-rounded, and Assault Teams are a great way to break through enemy lines without breaking the bank.

    Any major problems with it?

    This is my first mod, so it no doubt has bugs, glitches, and unbalanced units. Hopefully, most of the bugs have been ironed out and the units sufficiently balanced based on my play testing, although nothing is certain. I have noticed that checking the Civilopedia has caused instability, especially on multiplayer games. Fixing this is on my to-do list. Feel free to leave a comment or give me a PM for suggestions, bugs, and general assistance with the mod.

    Hook me up already!

    The Modern_Units content folder

    To download, press "Download All" in the top-right hand corner. This will download the folder that has Modern_Units inside it. Modern_Units without the numbers in front of it is the only folder of concern. Install it just like any other scenario - drop the .biq in your Civ3\Conquests\Scenarios folder and then put the folder in that same directory.

    The download link itself should work (fingers crossed!), and if not, I'll try to upload via Media Fire or a similar file sharing site. A detailed Read Me is inside the Modern_Units content folder that contains most of the same information in this post.

    Closing Remarks
    This is my first mod, so it will most likely be buggy. Of course, suggestions for adding or changing the content of the mod are valued, as are bug reports. If the mod is well-received, I plan on adding many new units to the mod including UUs. I hope that you have as much fun playing this mod as I did making it! :woohoo:
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2018
  2. Normal Person

    Normal Person Chieftain

    Aug 10, 2020
    A Place in Earth idk
    I know I'm 2 years late in this, but this scenario is a great example for putting new things in Civ 3 while still having the same style as a normal game. Thanks. (Also im new.)
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