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MOO2Civ Plus


Jun 28, 2009
Irregularly Online
So, a while back I said "I'm going to try merging MOO2Civ and Final Frontier Plus, as a test case to see how hard it is".

I successfully compiled a DLL. However, when I tried to merge XML and Python, I got a game that wouldn't load. And then I had no free time to continue working on this.

At JEELEN's prompting, I have updated the MOO2Civ Plus DLL with the latest Final Frontier patches and recompiled. I'm now releasing that DLL and it's source, in the hope that someone can make something of this.


  • MOO2Civ Plus.zip
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I was looking at it a while back and I think it would probably be easier to make MOO2Civ from scratch from Final Frontier Plus rather than try to merge them.

It seems the original creator mostly just copied and renamed buildings and changed thing's names to match MoO2's items.
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