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How to add compiled dll to new mod

Travis Bloom

Oct 26, 2023
I've been playing around with compiling the dll and did finally end up successfully building a solution just out of the Civ 5 source code. I followed the 'how to compile the dll" tutorial but cannot actually figure out the last step of adding it to a mod to see if everything actually works before I move on to trying something more complicated. I know you have to add the compiled dll to the root folder of the mod in mod buddy but I'm not sure what this means or how to do this. Any help would be appreciated.
Using Windows Explorer, copy the compiled .dll file into the top-most directory of your mod (it will be the one with the .civ5proj file in)
Then in ModBuddy, right-click the mod project, select Add..., then Existing..., then the .dll file just copied
Set the VFS etc as per the link in my sig
When i do that, and then build the mod, I get a .civ5mod file that, when extracted, gives me back the .dll file, alongside the mod info file. Is this what should happen?
Your mod must include your modded DLL. You also need to make sure that the modded DLL is being loaded (see the File Attributes link in my sig). My first DLL Tutorial, at the end, shows how to add simple logging to your modded DLL so you can verify it's being loaded by the game
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