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Discussion in 'RoM Multiplayer' started by Flay, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Flay

    Flay Prince

    Apr 9, 2009
    I just want to let everyone knows:


    I didn't want to write this after the first try but after the second successfull game I can say MP IS WORKING !!!!!!

    I and some friend have play (or try to play) MP with ROM AND for a long time.
    With more or less success.
    but with the latest version it has become more and more OOS unfriendly.
    Until now.

    Install civ, patch it 3.19, install AND 1.75 so pach C.
    Play Direct IP with AI if you want to.
    I can give the entire option list for anyone interrested but only NO REVOLUTION is important.

    If you are going to play SP games between MP games, than you have to "cut paste" your "beyond the sword folder" before each of the game type. understand by that to NEVER play MP game using an beyong the sword folder that has been used on SP.
    You will found your Beyong the sword folder usualy in : Document, MyGames, "beyong the sword" this is were your game seting are save.
    if you have forget to "save" your folder for MP game, just cut and past the one in use for exemple on the desktop than a new one will be generated when starting a new game, you will have to go through all your option again but this is not much a pain to get MP working.

    I can't explain why this help but it does.

    first game with archipelagos normal size, fast speed, 3 humans + standar AI. played until 1972 AD, with 4 OOS total. after each OOS host save the game, everyone back to menu reload and play.

    second game, archipelaos large map, slow speed, 3humans standar AI (total 10 civ).
    Didn't play that long cause week days but no OOS so far.

    In both game new civ emerged from barbarian and Civ got eradiqued.

    I hope many will try MP and enjoy it.

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