Multiple science victories


Sep 25, 2022
The science victory has always been the same. It's the endgame only victory, right at the very top of the tech tree.

What if instead there were multiple possibilities for a science victory earlier in the tech tree? Example: You build the Manhattan Project before anyone, and then every other Civ gets X turns (dependent on game settings) for one of them, any one of them, to also complete the Manhattan Project (there could be multiple projects, it's not like building nuclear weapons hasn't been a major historical thing for other countries just because the US did it first) or the Civ that built it first wins by dominating the world as the sole controller of nukes.

Maybe there could be other projects, start with the enlightenment and... electricity?, then manhattan project for the atomic age, then... the internet? or maybe just the 1 with nukes. Whatever the case it would make a much earlier "science" victory possible, make the quite historical "race for the nuke" be replicated just by game mechanics, and make you think about the science victory more critically, rather than just having to be solely "That thing at the end".
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