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Munit FLICster problems?

A Viking Yeti

Carnal Leviathan
May 27, 2003
Somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
Sorry if I've been posting a lot of questions recently, I just have bad luck with this unit editing stuff. Anyway, I was combining the settler and worker to make a refugee munit, whe I ran into a problem. I had most animations done when I got to the capture animation; I had it all ready to convert the fxm, and I went to view the anim, when it tells me Illegal Operation. I redid the munit 4 times, same thing. Same thing happened with the run animation. So then I looked around and found that the animatin time was set to 0. I downloaded build 18 and it fixed all my other animations automatically, but the run and captured (still in fxm format, as the others it fixed automatically were in flc format) didn't. I have no idea why, or how to change it manually. I thought it was supposed to fix this problem automatically, as it did with some previous explsion animations I did. But those were also in flc format. Any ideas would be appreciated and acredited for when, or if, I post this munit.
Yes, I've made that mistake a lot before, so I'll check. I had to change the frame length for the worker fun animation, if that changes anything. At least I managed to fix the palette problems on my own this time, :lol:.
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