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My Granary Won't Work


Oct 10, 2001
Staffs, England
While playing a game recently I noticed that a city in which I had built a granary wasn't getting the benefit of it. I sold the granary and built a new one and it still didn't work. At some later stage the granary did kick in (I didn't keep checking every turn).

I'm going to attempt to attach a file of the game - the city in question is Vladivostock (sort of south east central area of Russian territory).

Can anyone explain this?
As I understand it, the granary line doesn't show up until you fill it (ie your food box is half full). I've seen it after building the pyramids.
Thanks for the replies - in fact I'd only just improved the plains to produce an increase in food (I'd had zero growth for quite a while) although I'd had the granary for ages, a few turns later the granary bar duly appeared.

Problem solved!
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