Nationality question

ALA Gator

Jul 2, 2007
I am playing CIV 3 1.29f.

I am playing as the Japanese. I conquered all of the Persian cities. I recently went to war with chinese against the Babylonians and Zulus. We wiped them out. Now I am contemplating taking out the Chinese.

How will all of the "conquered" nationals react to war with the Chinese(happy vs unhappy)? I have been in Republic for a long time and I will probably switch to Monarchy right before I attack the Chinese if that matters. Also when I capture the former Zulu and Babylonian cities how happy will they be to see me? They have been under Chinese control less than 10 turns.
Conquered nationals get angry more often in general, however, they won't be angry specifically because of who you are at war with. When you capture the former Zulu and Babylonian cities, they should not be more unhappy than the conquered Persian cities. Since none of the citizens ever were chinese, they won't be angry at you for "aggression against the mother country" and such.
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