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Need help on Regent !


Nov 9, 2001
Hello. I've been playing Civ III on and off since its release, and I've only been able to beat games on the first and second difficulty levels. So I've decided to move up and play on the Regent level. Wow was I in for it... it seems like the AI builds rediculously fast and they can research techs at nearly the same rate. So I was wondering if anyone had any strategies on how I should approach the early game. Any build orders that have been successful with would really help. I just can't seem to even get close to competing with the AI. They seem to instantly have 3 + spearmen in every city they build... anyways, any information on tackling the Regent level will be very helpful :) .. btw I'm using the latest patch version.

Tom German
Hey Tom, I just mastered regent and am trying to go up to Monarch. I know how you feel! My normal strategy is to focus on my infrastructure and science by improving terrain with workers, building improvements (Libraries and marketplaces and such), and buying tech once in while. I'm not too militaristic, but it's good to fight once in a while if your growth is threatened, especially in the early stages of the game. I use Egypt usually, :egypt: (thus MummyMan), I feel that their industrious advantage compliments my style of building infrastructure and their religous advantage keeps the unhappy citizens from growth in check and the short revolution times (only 1 turn) allow you to minimize loss of money, production and research. Their early golden age, from Pyramids, (which is also a good compliment to an industrious strategy), gets you ahead of the other civs in the most important stage of the game. Getting golden age soon would probably help you get off your feet, War Chariots will also help an early Golden Age get started. This may not be your style, but I think it would help anyway. This kind of strategy doesn;t work well above regent though, as I am unfortunately finding out. Hope this helps tom!
Good tips from MummyMan; if you like war, play on smaller maps, if you like to win through peaceful expansion, play larger maps. The second is my choice - more time, more space, more forgiving. If this is your preferred option, expand, expand, expand. Find a couple of fast growing spots (two cattle/wheat) and set up settler/worker farms there to feed the expansion. Two or three such locations will allow you to outexpand the AI and eventually to overcome the AI's initial headstart.
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