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Need more new modern unit types

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Creation & Customization' started by Kiki, Nov 30, 2001.

  1. Kiki

    Kiki Chieftain

    Nov 11, 2001
    CIV II was disappointin that the modern units were undeveloped. I have suggestions for Firaxis or a mod maker, but too bad the Civ III editor is not that powerful to have us change all the rules of the game. I want Firaxis to make it more powerful so we can change the very fundamentals to the game.


    I want a modern marines, the ones in Civ III should be the WWII ones, the ones today don't look like that, because they got camoflag, body armor, new guns, and stuff.

    I want a modern Paratroopers too.

    I want a WWII and a modern day Paratrooper Airplane Dropper that extends the range of paratroopers significantly so they can go like 30 squares away in a single turn, and can land on a carrier with full load too. But it can be shot down by a fighter and all your paratroopers die too. Both modern and old should be able to carry 1 paratrooper.

    I want more types of helicopters.

    The one in Civ III is the old one, from Vietnam. It should be able to land on a carrier even when the maximum airplane on it (it shouldnt be counted as an airplane)

    I want an old Vietnam attack helicopter like a Huey.

    I want an modern attack helicopter too like an Apache that can attack units and kill them. It should be better than the Huey in attacking and the transport helicopter below in attacking.

    And a friend of mine said there is a helicopter in real life that is better than an Apache in US military that is "armed as hell" and has 6 inch steel plates and is new too, and that it "kicks a**" I don't know what it is called but it can transport Navy SEALS, it is silent mean you can't hear it, but it is a transport helicopter. That should be the modern 2000 age transport helicopter. It isn't meant for attack but it's defense should be high.

    Helicopters should have longer range and be able to 'pick up' units from the battle field.

    I want an old WWII cruiser, the the modern in the AEGIS cruiser.

    I want a Modern destroyer different than the WWII destroyer in the game now.

    I want a Modern Battle ship too.

    I want a carrier that is different than the old WWII carrier and it should be improved in many things.

    For carriers they should be able to handle having 1 or 2 helicopters on it even when the airplane carrier is full of airplanes.

    Super Carrier? Maybe there should be one if they exist in real life.

    To balance the paratrooper airplane and the ocean transport, the ocean transport should carry 8 units instead of 6, maybe 8 for modern and 6 for old WWII ones. And it is fast.

    I want to have a Howitzer that is different than the artillery and the Radar Artillery. It can move 2 squares like in Civ II and has a bombard of 20 too.
  2. Zippo

    Zippo Knight of the Round Table

    Nov 16, 2001
    With all the stuff you want you better get to work learning how to use the editor and FLICster!:lol:

    Anyway, I have some responses for you...

    Sorry, not possible at this time.

    This is possilble... make them silent.. carry 4-6 units.. maybe a low attack, high defense?

    I THINK this is possible... cruise missiles can be destroyed to theoretically a chopper could engage ground units right?

    Choppers are currently immobile. Since we can't add the "pick up" function, we would have to create a new chopper that isn't immobile, OR we could modify the existing chopper to be mobile. I THINK this will work... Maybe make it really fast but LOW LOW attack and defense?
  3. Kiki

    Kiki Chieftain

    Nov 11, 2001
    I wish that Firaxis still decided to use 2D units like Microprose did with Civ II, I like them because you can hear a more complex cooler wav sound instead of a repeating sound when attacking and it is easier to create units than FLICster.

    Also, the editor isn't powerful enough. For example, the attack helicopter there is no way to have it pick up units like you said and there is no way treat it like a land/sea unit like Civ II did. :(

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