New install problem


Apr 15, 2004
OK... i have two computers. the first is a 3.2 ghz 2 gb mem with a Geforce 7800.I installed Civ4 and all works well. Now in the second....a 3.4ghz 1gb me and a radeon 300X im haveing a problem installing..

It goes like this.....

1) Place disk one into cd and close
2) install screen pops up and i press install
3) I get a screen saying " Welcome to Sonic DLA setup and i get two options one two uninstall DLA and the second to reinstall DLA.

4) I reinstall and it goes into a loading screen then nothing. imean nothing is installed and i have no options to install the game. I have reinstalled, uninstalled over and over again.

The funny thing is i did not get this on my home computer. it just goes into the install section and off and running i go. But for some goofy reason on this second computer it just has this one screen that has nothing to do with the installation of the game.

Any help please....what the heck is Sonic DLA?:(
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