New to modding Civ 6, don't know where to start!


Jul 28, 2022
Hey everyone! So I'm looking to incorporate a few mods into the games me and my friends are playing, but I have never modded Civ 6 before and it looks somewhat complicated. I have 2 projects in mind and I'd appreciate it if someone could either help me out or point me in the right direction.

Mod 1: Simple enough, I want to edit the base yield value of Diamonds from +3 gold to +5. I'm using Sukritact's Resources and it comes with the Gold Ore resource, which I want to change from +3 gold to +4 to match the yield value from the Outback Tycoon scenario. For immersion purposes, I want Diamonds to yield more gold than, well, gold, so i'd like to increase the base game's value for diamonds from +3 to +5.

Mod 2: I want to increase the damage output of Anti-Air guns to make the use of bombers and nuclear strikes just a bit more difficult. If a bomber comes into a territory to nuke someone, I want it to get one-shotted, essentially forcing everyone to make sure that they've completely cleared a space of anti-air guns before they can drop a nuke. This would also have the added effect of making anti-air guns actually useful for a change.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
That kinda made sense, but I have no idea how to apply that to what I'm working on here. It looks like your thread talks about creating/altering a civilization entirely. I just want to learn how to edit a resource's yields and a unit's damage output.
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