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New Unit: Engineer


Jan 25, 2002
United States
One of the disappointments of CIV III is the lack of the Engineer unit that was introduced in Civ II. Kal-el and tstowe have challenged me to make this unit.

The settler and worker unit will be upgradable to the Engineer after a certain technology (not yet decided). That technology will double the work rate so that the engineer will work twice as fast as the regular workers. The engineer will have the ability to do all worker jobs (except colonize) and be able to build cities.
This is a modern unit that represents engineers of several kinds - civil (roads, rr) , environmental (forests,jungles, and structural (mines), and land developers (city) )

An excellent task at hand. Myself (no more than someone with ideas), Stainz (I think is the one who orchestrated this unit), and Mr. Pesoloco (the real worker behind our madness) have thrown this about for a day or so.

Might I add the following brainstorming that has been put on the table thus far (plus some on-the-spot additions):

Idle - Surveying, possibly having his head turning and an arm
motioning as if telling someone to move to the left or right
OR have him step away from the Instrument and read a map

Roads - A Road Grader, plowing dirt across the square, possible
animated dirt scrolling under the blade, while the driver is
looking out of the door occasionally to see the work?

Railroads - No real thoughts here except (is that the correct
accept?) maybe having him slamming a sledge hammer
down on to a spike causing a spark.???

Mines - A Jackhammer, Possibly some rocks and other debris
being thrown around, and for kicks the engineers hat
falling off to the ground and him picking it up. haha

Irrigation - The Engineer holding a waterhose and rotating like
one of those yard sprinklers. haha :lol:

Clearing Forest - Chainsaw and/or the Road Grader? Any

Clearing Pollution - Can we put our engineer in a chemical suit?
What would be your thoughts on this one? The Grader
would do fine for this but it should be changed to
represent the task at hand . . . maybe the driver can wear
the suit?

Build City - Instead of deploying like the Settler does (which is
pretty cool) I think that our High Speed Engineer needs a
wrecking ball or one of those cranes used for building
skyscrapers and the like. ???
The game uses the same animation both for building roads and for building railroads. With this in mind, are do you still think a road grader would be appropriate or some other animation (the road grader would be fun to make though)
Tstowe & Pesoloco,

here are some other ideas I just had.
for the roads I think he should put down three orange safety cones and then jackhammer in the middle of them.

for the mining he should have a drill - looks similar to a jackhammer but with a drill head.


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No problem. I have been waiting for somone to take up this task.

Anyone out there who has ctp2 and can get some screens of the city planner in action that would be most helpful.
This may sound completely crazy. . .

Is it possible to "smoke" an area to screen the movement of troops from the enemy inside his own borders? The idea came to me while researching battlefield tactics. The tactical deployment of battlefield smoke screens is used not only to screen troop movement but to also pull the enemy's attention away from the main effort.

Example. using the REAL World Map. I am wanting to move into Mexico from the Texas end of the border with a large army and I want to screen their movement. But I also build up an army along the New Mexico side of that border, but instead of wanting to move that army, because my E-3 has spotted a Mexican PPS-15 unit screening that border. When I am ready to move into Mexico I launch a sizable "smoke" screen (using my now "too cool" engineer unit) from both areas that will black out the terrain to the enemy units (even in city squares).
that's a great idea, but I can't think of a way to implement it. I will put my brain to work on it though.

you should post that question on the general boards and see if anyone can come up with a useful answer.
yeah, i'm sorry - i didnt see the chemical suit mentioned by tstowe

I'll add a little meat to his leg too

About the smoke thing,
the only possible way that i know of to track enemy units in their own territory, ,besides recon, is to use your intelligence agency to plant a spy in their capital and use that spy to steal their plans. This will allow you to see where all their units are and where they move to

if I understand you correctly you are trying to prevent the anemy from knowing what you are doing right? Not necessarily trying to figure out what he is doing. Is that right?
Ok, made his leg a little bigger:
hope this preview shows up. the last one won't show up on my computer
Anyone out there who has ctp2 and can get some screens of the city planner in action that would be most helpful.

i have never played call to power 1 or 2 so that would be helpful if someone can send me some pics.
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