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New Unit: General


UMM nothing
Apr 28, 2002
Hey ive spent memorial day making a unit well not the whole day just like three hours, i am currently using this inplace of my modern army guy and so here the file

well i've never made a file where i allowed it to be downloadable so i dunno how to do it so could some1 tell me please then i'll post it
heres a second try


Zip it to ../Art/Units/ and you will be replacing the army stuff just to let you know. tell me if you see anything wrong it did work in my game so it should work in yours also the general file needs to be brought back one, the file goes /General/General/(the stuff needed) should be /General/(the stuff needed)

here is a preview of all the angles

hey people tell me is this a good unit the attack animation i know is not the greatest it was hard, but this is my first unit so give me some feedback

new version just renamed the file to Army modern times and included a second option of just plain general; the army modern times replaces a file but i'm postive it works fine
Nice unit but I'm going to use it for a german General:D
Great unit! With the New XP there will be loads of uses for a graphic like this. For the regicide game mode (where you can win by capturing the enemy king) this would make a great modern Facsist Leader unit (I'M not sure whether you intended him to be a facsist, but he just looks so like the leader of a military junta! El presidente!)
Also the new XP allows unit graphics to be "Married" together, infantry with artillery, spearmen and catapults etc... You could use him as a Artillery commander High Defence and attack, but low hit points to represent the fact there is only one of him.
What is the new xp?

How can you make this general only for Germany? Just make a new folder called general and flag "Germany" for availability of the army and then de-flag Germany in the usual Army Modern Times is enough? I can't really test it without playing a full-out game so any advice would be appreciated.
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