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New Unit: Guided Missile Battleship

Roman Legion

Jun 19, 2003
Las Vegas, NV
I have always wanted another level for my battleships and so I was watching the history channel one day and showed the history of the U.S.S. Missouri.
it showed it on VJ day and also showed it in the persian gulf fully armed with Tomahawk Missiles and decided to make that a civ 3 reality. I hope everyone likes this unit. its just your standard battleship I just tweaked the default and armed it with missiles from another unit, I dont know who made that unit or what its called because I probbably changed the name. P.S. you have to read the .ini file to add the sounds.


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Click below to Download. I cant upload it with the regular battleship animations so you will have to put them in your self.


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1# It looks ok :thumbsup:

2# Someone might call you lazy/ignorant for using graphics made by someone else, and not even bothering to check on who's graphics you are using, and thus not giving credit to the original creator. So, in order to avoid various rants, be a good boy and find out (pronto) who did the original missile graphic. :)
Not bad, the missle launch works well. But, just to agree with Aaglo... it is fine to use someone elses work to base a C&P on. It is important to acknowledge who's work you are using as a base.
If you look back to the two C&P units I did, you will see I followed my own advice and said who's work I used as a base... and if I knew, where the original image came from.

Roman Legion said:
I just tweaked the default
btw: it is not the default you edited. but the attack.
I thought that attack looked familiar.
I have to use someone elses work I only have flicster and Paint Shop Pro4, I dont have all these hi-tech programs, so I use a work of art from someone else's unit.
Roman Legion said:
I have to use someone elses work I only have flicster and Paint Shop Pro4, I dont have all these hi-tech programs, so I use a work of art from someone else's unit.
Perfectly understandable, and quite ok. Just give credit where credit is due.
If you want to get serious about it, you might check out one of the free 3d programs (Blender, OpenFX, etc).
No, I do not use this. I use commercial products.
The general rule of thumb seems to be this:
Stuff that costs more is either easier to use. more powerful or both when compared to free stuff. Since my time is so limited, I bought a few tools. Some of the tools I bought were a complete waste of time. But Bryce, LW, Photoshop and others have proven to be very useful to me.
There are tutorials on Blender here. Several guys use it. Same with OpenFx. Truespace has no tutorial on here, but some guys use it.
And for all of them there are a ton of tutorials and samples on the internet. Focus initially on making something simple. And build on it one thing at a time.
I had been playing with photoshop for a while before I bought any 3d program... and I had used early version of Lightwave way back on my 'ole Amiga. So I had a week or so head start on most new 3d tool users.
But I had no idea on how to use any of the new tools I spent a alot of money on. But, I do know how to take a task, devide in parts and take things on one item at a time.
To use an old military phrase... devide and conquer.
I decided to make something basic to begin with. a lump of rock in the ocean. I then added a tree, a dock... and so on. one item at a time until I felt I was getting the hang of things. Then I started experimenting, adding new technigues one at a time. I turned out a bunch of civ buildings, techs, wonders and so on.. I did not want to tackle animation or a unit as my first thing. One item at a time. Once I could get the results I wanted in still images, I made a few crude animtions. Pool balls bouncing on top of a pool table. And so on.
Build your skills in parts / layers.
Here is the very first image I did.

As you can see, even when I was "done" it was not a master piece. But it was a valuable learning aide. Until I agreed to do the x303 for you, my first planned unit had been the row boat you see in this image.
nice Job on your upgrade to the Battleship Roman Legion.
Does anyone know how to use blender or Truespace? or how it makes 3d units as flc. because I cant draw on that program. its kina simar to a program I used a some time ago in school to design vheicles, but i dont uderstand this one. or what rendering is.
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