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Guided (Rocket) Missiles: A new paradigm

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here's a simple-to-code model:

unit starts either full or empty of missiles/rockets (as desired by majority of community)

at every turn start, IFF unit is full HP AND home city is full HP AND unit has free missile slots, unit gains one missile/rocket

missile/rocket dmg values adjusted to balance for increased usage
I kinda like this, and could work in conjunction with pdan's suggestion, so that you could only replenish in cities with a missile silo. I think it'd be better for balance if missiles functioned as a secondary attack mode instead of separate units, so with SCS you could either melee attack or launch a missile, not both. Rocket artillery can either gain splash, as barrage bombardment was their initial use, and/or gain a missile slot.
Wouldn’t this result in a situation where rocket artillery are sieging an enemy city from 7+ tiles away, inside your own land?
Yeah, but it'd also feel off if ships could do that while r.art couldn't. It can be balanced by buffing up the city healing in the late-game so that missile strikes without blockading aren't effective, and you'd always have anti-air to intercept (a bit like Russian strikes on Kiev). Then again, that could result in a bunch of notifications and possibly increased turn times for unimportant strikes. I didn't see that mentioned, but yeah that alone may kill the replenishable missiles idea*
TBH I'm fine with removal/replacement too, but just the city version makes them mostly defensive weapons, that doesn't feel right.

* That was too pessimistic, we can have our replenishment and eat our cake too. All need more coding tho
Add a new action "Replenish Missiles", only valid in home territory with full HP. Unit loses all movement, gains 1 missile next turn.
Possible tweaks:
- Costs X gold
-Drains X production from the city (so still costs prod without taking up a slot)
- Local replenishment: Can replenish only if building X is present in the city that owns the unit tile.
- Global replenishment: Building X provides +1 missile resource per turn until stockpile is full, units can replenish missiles only when stockpile is positive.
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I think all of this is making it way too complicated.

What's the difference between vanilla missiles and VP ones? Only the "can't be intercepted" part?
I think all of this is making it way too complicated
I agree with this as far as many of these missiles and aircraft ideas go -- but it is a good way to theorycraft. The real world is complicated, and these mechanisms are at their best when they represent these complicated things in simple ways.

Make complicated suggestions, this is fine... We then need to distill them down to some core simplicity as community. If missiles were to auto-gen, I think it could work well if we had 2 checks:. One to ensure unit is in a good state to receive a new missile, and one to ensure the economy is in a good state to produce one. Layering multiple mechanisms within these two paradigms is where we start to bogged down in the weeds
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