New unit: Hobbit Archer (mar 17th, 2005)


Jan 27, 2003
Planet Baal
Here is a half-pint archer for the LotM-mod: a hobbit archer. Enjoy :)

Here are the files:
Hobbit Archer

Attached are some animation and civilopedia previews.


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Excellent. That's much more pleasant to see than the resized archer I have.
Great unit, Aaglo. :D
Very nice little hobbit - excellent for my mod. Thank you for the great work with different fantasy units! :)

P.S. Why you don't use my Civ3FlcEdit? It seems to me that this utility can make your work much easy. ;)
Heeeey!! I think I'm a-gonna use this guy as a taru-taru ranger for the Windhurst faction in my Final Fantasy mod. Really good job, BTW
Drivebymaster said:
A hobbit Archer??? I have never heard of these I mean a Hobbit yes but I thought hobbits couldn't wheeled any type of archery.
In most fantasies I know of, halflings/hobbits usually carry some type of bow. That way they don't have to get too close. The 4 in the LotR's weren't trained to use any weapons so a dagger was their safest bets. THe end of the Return of the King (In the books that is). A certain nasty man gets turned into a pin cushion with arrows from a bunch of hobbits.

I won't say who the nasty man was, it would be a spoiler for those reading the trilogy for the first time. Let's just say he's involved in making Frodo's vision, in Galadriel's little water thingy, come true.
That little man sure has weird fashion sense. :lol:

Yeah Hobbit archers kick serious tail in LOTR, comes from their excellent throwing aim (they display that in the second movie well with Merry and Pippin picking off orks with thrown rocks)

Maybe you should make a Gollum unit aaglo just so we can have some one to say "Hobbitses" :lol:

Anyways great unit as always.

Oooh! This is great! I love the fashion sense, totally whacked, just like it should be.

And, jeepers, there are two more hobbitses for me to see on this forum yet. :crazyeye: I can't fathom it, really.
Drivebymaster said:
Ohhh now I see thanks for pointin me out in that direction....but thats a little odd though a midget with a bow?
:lol: Hobbits are not midgets. That's funny though, that's what I usually call them when describing them. I call them nimble midgets.
Halflings (=hobbits) are the elite of the elite, when it comes to ranged attacks. And they're also excellent cooks.

And considering their size, you really shouldn't judge their sense of fashion - they have to wear what they can get from gap (and there is not much of a choise for someone of their size ;) - they're not children, you know).
aaglo said they were the elite of the elite when it comes to ranged attacks and that must include archery, right? He probably just forgot about the elfs...
Depends on how you look at it. Well, this is how I see it:
Elfs can be said to be superior, because
- elfs have longbows, they shoot longer distance
- elfs train archery

Halflings can be said to be superior, because
- they are tougher
- they are born with "natural ability" to ranged attacking, i.e. they don't have to train themselves to be excellent in archery

And since I favor smaller ones, the hobbits win by default :p
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