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New unit request

Not much point in building a P.T. boat........it would only be sunk by Caraval......:)
But those 1-1-3 PT boats would be good at taking out those Battleships!:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
This would actually be a significant unit for the early industrial era. Before the advent of submarines, torpedo boats were the bugaboo of the battleship captains. A small, fast, light boat with a couple of torpedoes could slip in under the battleship's big guns and sink it with a well-placed torpedo.

If you've ever wondered just why a battleship would need side batteries of 5-inch guns, they were to defend against torpedo boats. And the vessel we know as a "destroyer" was actually designed as a "torpedo boat destroyer" -- a more maneuverable yet well-armed vessel to protect the big ships from torpedo boats.

Could be interesting if you're designing a scenario with a lot of industrial-age action. Make them available with Combustion. Cheaper and faster than submarines, but they're less powerful on the attack and can't hide under water.
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