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Modding Storm Over the Pacific

Well, I fixed the Great Military Leader-Great Military Hero bug, so that the Great Military Hero can build an army.

The coral reef natural resource renders the tile it is locate in impassable to ships. I experimented to find that out.

Cleaned up my test map a bit. Now Midway Island is more correctly positioned with respect to Pearl Harbor.

Changed some text that I found annoying. Do not worry, I have not modified either the original biq file nor the original text. All changes are being made to a trial biq before changing the original biq, and even that changed biq will be so labled.
I took a break from modding, and decided to have some fun as the Australians. As the game starts with the Battle of the Coral Sea, I decided to place 4 British Battleships: King George V, Duke of York, Anson, and Howe, along with the battlecruiser Renown next to Port Moresby, near the Japanese carriers. They sank both of the large carriers, along with 3 other ships.

More seriously, I used the aircraft based at Port Moresby to go after the 3 Japanese transport sitting just south of Rabaul, and sank all three of them. If you are playing the game as the Australians, those should be your targets, not the Japanese warships. Sink the transports, and the Japanese ground troops cannot move among the island or more to New Guinea. That give you more time to build up your forces.

In terms of modding, I need to mod the B-25 bomber to reflect the massive increase of armament during 1943, with the B-25G and H models carrying up to 12 forward-firing .50 caliber machine guns, or 8 machine guns and a 75mm aircraft cannon. That is massive ground attack firepower.

As for the ship units, I think that I am going to establish a base-line ship for each class and work from there. I will do the same for the aircraft to get some reasonable attack values and ranges.

Edit Note: I cannot figure out where than Australian settler and worker in India are coming from. They do not show up on the map, but appear when you start the game. Churchill is a bit annoyed with them.
Ok done.

Looks great, Delta Strife.
Four Australian coastal cities are actually controlled by the U.S. They are Brisbane, Rockhampton, Townsville, and Cairns. Brisbane is the capital of the United States, and the site of MacArthur's Headquarters. I understand that Dugout Doug needed somewhere to rest his inflated ego, but making Brisbane the capital is more than a bit much.

A bit of poetry sung by the Marines on Guadalcanal:
They asked for the Army to come to Tulagi,
But Douglas MacArthur said No.
This the reason, it isn't the season,
Besides there is no USO.
An interesting issue has come up with respect to spamming units. In 1944, New Zealand demobilized the 3rd New Zealand Division, then fighting on Bougainville in the Solomon Islands. New Zealand by then was experiencing a severe shortage in manpower, and could no longer support the New Zealand division in Europe along with the division on Bougainville. Some of the demobilized troops were sent to Europe, others went back to farming. The 3rd Division was chosen because it was closer and shipping was easier to supply, rather than bring the New Zealand troops in Europe back.

So, basically, there should be no additional New Zealand units after the middle of 1944. Australia was running into the same problem, and could only maintain the existing divisions with replacements, with no new units being built. I will need to figure out how to basically stop Australia and New Zealand from building any new units following the 1944 tech advances, or more reasonably before the end of 1944. Time to put my thinking and modding cap on.
Well, I put on my thinking and modding cap and came to some decisions.

1. To stop infantry production in 1944, have the infantry go obsolete with one of the 1944 techs.
2. To block additional unit auto-production of later units, set the buildings to have resource requirements which cannot be met by the appropriate country. This would allow for units to be upgraded, but no additional production. This will also get rid of some units which would not have been available in World War 2.

Lastly, I am throwing in the towel on this and while I may periodically poke at it, I am NOT going to waste any more time on this. I am not going to rework every unit combat value in the game, nor am I going to trace every building requirement in the game. I am not going to try to figure out what some of the resources were supposed to be used for. There is simply far too much wrong with this scenario, which I would view as a very early beta version, if not an alpha version, for me to spend too much time on.

I would highly recommend that no one wastes too much time on trying to play this.
Ok done.

Delta, I am not sure if you did the Brewster Buffalo graphic, but it looks great. I like the barrel roll while fidgeting. Currently using it for reconnaissance until I can get some Catalina with longer range in my changed approach.
I have changed my approach a bit on this. Rather than poke away at the standard scenario, I took one of my mods to it and generated a very large archipelago map, and then added a few additional resources to make things a bit easier as New Zealand. This way, I can learn some of the quirks of the scenario without having to worry about being immediately attacked.

1. Forget the coral reefs making the Sea impassable. The Sea was set to be impassable, and the only Sea on the original map was a small area between Australia and New Guinea. That took a while to figure that out. However, that does mean on my archipelago map, the AI really cannot bother me for a while.

2. I am auto-generating Great Military Heroes from the Supreme HQ, and that has proved interesting. I do need to check this on the original map to see if it works the same way. I have them set to 2 movement with all terrains as roads. Without being an army, they have only 2 tile movement, but go everywhere except obviously Water tiles. They do make excellent scouts, and I have popped a lot of goody huts with Tech Advances, so I am up to 1943 already in terms of Tech. However, when I accidentally added a Matilda to one of them and made it an Army, it now has a movement rate of 6 tiles, treating all Terrain as roads. Quite strange, but very useful. I will add some more Matilda Tanks to my one unit army and have some fun.

3. I am changing the combat values as I need to, a few at a time. Eventually, I will get them changed, but I may simplify things by simply ignoring some units.

4. Keeping the citizens happy is proving to be a major problem, and the building chain of buildings to make citizens happy is proving to be a real headache, at least in the standard game for New Zealand. It may go better with nations with more cities to generate revenue. I am not sure about that.

I will keep plugging away at my custom map, and get more information. As I said, it is easier for me to do it this way and find the quirks than working on the given Pacific map. Viewing this as an Alpha version, also helps.

Edit Note: One odd thing about the map that I generated. Even though there are 7 civilizations in the game, there are only 3 sources of iron, and the same holds true for Oil, Aluminum, Coal, and Rubber. This is going to make building units for some of the AI very difficult. Also, even civilization has a resource keyed to it, and those are limited as well. For some very odd reason, as New Zealand, I got the starting point with all 5 Japan resources, leaving Japan in a massive world of hurt. Needless to say, I think that the game has a quirky sense of humor.
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Delta, I am not sure if you did the Brewster Buffalo graphic, but it looks great. I like the barrel roll while fidgeting. Currently using it for reconnaissance until I can get some Catalina with longer range in my changed approach.

Nope not me! Wyrmshadow did some F2A's.

I was thinking for New Zealand it might be a bit over powered but it really needs the Bob Semple Tank
I think I can work some magic.
Magic I will call it. Did Wyrmshadow make more of the aircraft? The ones that I have seen so far are very good.

One reason that I am going to keep plugging away at this is all of the great units in it, between the aircraft, ships, and ground units.

Currently, in my test map, I am chasing down Barbarian Chinese Guerillas with a couple of US M3 light tank armies. I have the Supreme Command HQ auto-producing Great Hero units for armies and other things.
Wyrmshadow made a lot of WW2 stuff over here:

and AnthonyBoscia made some nice infantry
Thanks for the info, Delta. Right now, I am still trying to work out some of the bugs.

While I can chat with the other civilizations, I still cannot establish an embassy. I have mad direct contact with a couple of civilizations so I am not sure what is going on.

I have Map Trading set up, but the no trading of techs is a headache. As the US I am ahead of everyone else by a fair margin, courtesy of springing a lot of goodie huts with my Great War Hero acting as scouts, and having the Medical Corps HQ giving me 2 free advances. I sped that up with my Great Military Leader set to finish improvement. I never have said that I am going to give the AI a break.

I have a Brooklyn-class light cruiser close to circumnavigating the map, and it has run into a couple of Barbarian Tromp-class cruisers, and finished them off fairly quickly. Maybe too quickly. I am thinking about adjusting that. The Viet Min are in the game, and I am using them as the basic land barbarian units, with the T-26 tank as the advanced Barbarian unit. It will be interesting to see how my two M-3 light tanks armies match up to a stack of those.

British India is spamming settlers based on the number of cities that they have, but neither Chinese is doing well. I am not sure why that is happening. Australia, New Zealand, and Japan are so so.

I am thinking of starting another game, to try some of my fixes for the embassies.

As some feedback, would any one be interested in having me put a tale of the game up in the Stories and Tales forum with some screen shots?
Ok magic done and somehow there is two hahaha. Not the best models but for civ level they look fantastic!

I hope
Ok magic done and somehow there is two hahaha. Not the best models but for civ level they look fantastic!

These are great. As to how they look, they were extemporized, home-built vehicles to begin with. I am having fun building ships and planes of all of the various types. From a spare parts standpoint, my arsenal for Australia would be a supply officer's worst nightmare, but I am having fun.

On a more serious note, I have discovered through playing on my world mod, that for some very strange reason, all of the standard infantry units, including the Chinese Communist(!!!!!) are Wheeled and not Foot units. Mountains and Jungle are Impassable to Wheeled units, so a fair portion of the given map is Impassable to your standard infantry. Unless you change this, you have a very limited number of units to use in New Guinea, the India-Burma border, and the various islands in the Indonesian change and the Philippines. In China, because of the mountains, you have a limited number of attack routes. Aside from the Indian Army units that advanced through Burma, the divisions in the Pacific did not have a lot of the transportation tail and vehicles used in the European Theater, as movement of supplies from the beaches to the using units was quite short.

Side Note for All Modders: As I simply converted the original Storm Over the Pacific map to a may generated by the editor, I did not think to check for resource abundances. What I discovered as that as the original map had all of the strategic and luxury resources specifically placed, there were no resource appearance numbers. This meant that for all of the strategic and luxury resources, the appearance ratio was 0 (Zero). On my generated map, I had only 3 of each of the strategic and luxury resources, and 87 of all of the bonus resources, as those also had no appearance ratio numbers. I thought this quite odd, finally looked at the resource appearance numbers and discovered the problem. That issue has since been corrected, but if you are working off a previously created map, you might want to check on your resources. MY BAD for not catching this sooner.
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I am no longer going to waste my time on this alpha version of a scenario. My apologies to Delta Strife for wasting his time on making units.
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