Newbie Help Required!!!


Jan 31, 2002
Help....newbie question I'm afraid.

Just got the game and think its great.....
I have worked out how to assign tax collectors or scientists in a city, but when I go back to the city details, they have disappeared and I have to re-assign them.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a reason for this happening?

Please help!!!

First of all, as a newbie you should know that a great many Civ II fanatics on this and the Apolyton boards consider Civ III considerably less than "great". Look up the old threads.

I can't imagine any reason for that happening other than a local governor has been assigned the task, or you didn't turn off some other automated function. I'm not sure what t could be as it never happened to me.
You should also know that several civ and civII fanatics, absolutely loves this game. And don't consider some minor issues to be a problem (issues which is only considered, because the game is so great in the first place, that people expect perfection).

Anyway - I agree with Troyens, try right-clicking the city in question and make sure your Governor isn't causing you problems.
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