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Jan 23, 2014
In a constant brainstorm...
I started to make wonder movies at work in my spare time.
I welcome requests but promise nothing. To do more movies I will need to find the right material, enough inspiration and most importantly, enough time :)


Hassan Tower (18sec)
for Kathy's Hassan Tower (Rabat)

Hundertwasser-House (13sec)
for Kathy's Hundertwasser-house (Vienne)

Rialto Bridge (27sec)
for Kathy's Rialto Bridge

Gardens by the Bay
for Merijin's gardens-by-the-bay

Reichstag (65sec)
Reichstag by asioasioasio

Cheomseongdae (57sec)
the model used in tsentom1's modcomp

Blarney Castle (92sec)

Bauhaus (22sec)


Kotoku-in (15sec.)
Altamira (32sec)

Lascaux (23sec)

Venus_of_Willendorf (24sec)

Apollo Program (67sec)

DinoPark (20sec)

PleistocenePark (53sec)

Naqsh-e Rostam (8sec)

Independence Hall (27sec)

Great_Firewall (22sec)

Moai Statues (26sec)
. .
Ancient Olympics (25sec)

Grand Canal of China (28sec)

(Edited version) Circus Maximus (27sec)

DeepCoreMine (12sec)

CommercialSatellites (25sec)

Edison's Lab (20sec)

Las Vegas (16sec)

Refinery (27sec)

CivTv (33sec)

WTC (25sec)
. . .
Parliament (19sec)

Interpol (33sec)

Basilica Cistern of Byzantium (30sec)

Valhalla (21sec)
for Valhalla Python+XML by @Louis the XIV

Fushimi Inari (16sec)

Babel (13sec)

Sinagoga de Santa Maria la Blanca (12sec)

Cathedral of Seville (30sec)

a slight rework of @Louis the XIV's movie as his request

Temple of Jupiter (20sec)

another request by @Louis the XIV

Golden_Temple (18sec)

for Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) by @merijn_v1
. . . .
Sanhedrin (20sec)

Newgrange (20sec)

for @LPlate2 's Newgrange model.

Energy Academy (23sec)

Model by @merijn_v1

Vijay Stambha (13sec)
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Here's an other one:


This is another one that I had fun with. The scenes are cut from a German documentary film.

I don't know who made the model and where to download it. If anyone knows it, please let me know it too.
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So here are two more:


Blarney Castle

Again, I don't know the authors of the models or where they could be downloaded.
Blarney Castle is a little unusual because it is not really about the building but tells the story of the Blarney-stone.
Thankyou again Zeta for making these movies.
If no one else is using these movies I still enjoy doing them while at work (I'm a hall-porter at a school so I have plenty of spare time).

Next on my list are: Lascaux and Altamira caves. They will be... exciting ;)
I like what you've done with your spin-off mod as well, civic tree idea is amazing.
THX :hatsoff:The idea came from Civ6: Different government -> different policies available. I think it even works better in Civ4.
But it would have never happened without 45° adding the ForbiddenCivics tag, so credit goes to him as well.
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