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Not the same old game... worse

Discussion in 'Civ6 - General Discussions' started by Cornelius Scipio, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. Nefelia

    Nefelia Prince

    Aug 12, 2005
    Playing on a smaller map might help with that.

    Furthermore, if ICS doesn't appeal to you, don't do it. Going tall with well placed cities is still quite viable, and probably more visually appealing than cramming in more cities for the AoE effects that I hope will be nerfed soon.

    This might help: http://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/25-eurekas-and-inspirations.603584/

    The mod reduced the impact of Eurekas and Inspirations to 25% (35% for China). Doesn't solve the problem entirely, but it should reduce the impact of Eurekas/Inspirations on your decision-making process. I'm fairly sure that some future mods will have a go at making interesating quests to attain Eurekas. I agree with you that they are simply far too easy to get at the moment.
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  2. Socratatus

    Socratatus Emperor

    Jul 26, 2007
    Thankyou for your honest review. Will stick with Civ IV and V.
  3. kaltorak

    kaltorak Emperor

    Jul 7, 2009
    Thanks mate
  4. Balkans

    Balkans Warlord

    Jan 14, 2008
    I am one of those guys who adored civ iv and hated civ v. Somewhere down the line i learned to kinda like civ v but it was nothing more than nice clicking game for me. It just didn't have strategy element in it.

    Fast forward into today and the new civilization 6. I must say i love it. Yea, it has it's problems, but i just feel good about this game. I dare to say that with a nice fat patch, maybe expansion down the line it will be greatest civilization game of all.

    I see a lot of people say AI is dumb. Sure, it needs heavy tweaking, nobody can deny this but do you play shuffle deity maps? I don't understand people who need challenge, they ***** about dumb AI, and they play on prince ... try deity on hard start, you will have some fun and challenge for sure. At least before some patching and more aggressive and tactical AI.
    AI, diplomacy and UI are main issues and this things will get better after tweaks, that's for sure. 100% for sure.

    I am focused on the good about this game, for everything that's not so polished patch will be here soon enough. In the meanwhile, i got my first deity win, feels good, but with more aggressive AI i am wondering if deity win will be even possible, :D.
  5. Cornelius Scipio

    Cornelius Scipio Chieftain

    Nov 2, 2016
    Some people actually do not read what they reply to, but as my father used to say "don't tell people they do not understand, tell'em you're not clear so they feel better and maybe they'll listen the second time".
    I did not want to be tedious, but since I must, I'll go into detail about the whys and wherefores I do not like this game. This is not to vent out my frustration, not only, but to share some insight to people who want to buy it, or hopefully to the developers so they can give us a good patched up expansion. If on the contrary, reading my comments, would make people buy the game... well fine.
    1) First, most important, crucial and definitive: the SimCity mechanics of cityplanning (where do I put this, and where do I put that... o **** I used up all the tiles) is out of place in a strategy game, and I hate it. If you like playing SimCity and Civilization simultaneously, do not read further and buy CIV VI.
    Just another thing, why usable tiles are still limited to a 3 radius? Modern magalopolis extend for dozens of miles.
    2) The movement rules are a pain in the ass, and it takes forever to move units (and many times the way is obstructed by loads of non cobatant AI units - see below)
    3) The impossibility to build roads is a huge nonsense. Sorry if I quote myself:
    "Where and how to construct roads was - and is -. part of the rulers decisions, in ancient Rome many important consuls designed and ordered the building of strategic roads, that even now have their names in Italy (Via Cassia, Via Aurelia, Via Appia, etc.). They were not built buy the casual trader passing by."
    4) Railroads disappeared, why? As far as I know the difference between moving on roads or railroads is huge, and it was more in XIX century and up to few decades ago. Now highways are fast, but so are planes, but you can't use extensively airports in Civ VI (maybe not at all).
    5) The interface is a lot worse and obscure, and this is unbelievable. It was the easiest thing: copy what it was in Civ V, if you ca't do better. Whereas in Civ V you had a lot different detailed screens, here you are confined to meagre reports that do not cover for example the cost of your units. You have to subtract and then do a bit of math, beacause military units have different costs, that you can't see at glance nor are summarized. Even luxuries you do not see at glance how many and what type, but you have to scroll in the reports, which you can't filter or arrange.
    6) City state system: more tedious with the manual use of envoys every few turns for no purpose.
    They were essential for diplomatic victory, usually faster than space race or culture, but now diplomatic victory is gone, so you might as well annex them (by invasion). Their use as allies is ridiculous, because after building ancient era units they never upgrade, so they end with a bunch of warriors and archers against tanks.
    7) Strategic resources: now you just need one, maybe two and you can build a million units that requires it. Nonsense.
    8) Support units: not a bad idea, but poorly implemented. The units do not stack really together and sometimes you are asked twice to move the stack. And balloons for artillery in XX century? Ridiculous. You can still have balloons with rocket arty. And engineers? The poor bastards can just build two stretches of road (not very useful in an invasion) and then they die. I feel sorry for them.
    9) Awful the spamming of apostles and missionaries around your cities: they camp and you can't move your units nor improve tiles; same for allied military units: some of them saty forever on a tile near your city. And no option to send them away by diplomatic means.
    10) Policies system, good idea, new from the static decision in Civ V, but maybe too dynamic: they change too often (according to the pace of research) but you can implement them in your empire only when you discover a new one. And you have a double research tree.
    11) Complaining about diplomatic system is silly. In all Civs, from I to V, the AI competitors are benevolent in the beginning, crazy in the middle and whining useless in the late game if you are powerful; or if you are weak they attack you right away to put an end to your misery. Example: in a game I started yesterday (to give Civ VI another chance) Japan attacked me three times with no "casus belli", then when I attacked India in retaliation for a surprise war, the jap leader popped out every five-six turns to denounce me as a warmonger. Anyway, this new system does not seem so new. By the way, I was wrong about the animation of leaders, but you have to select it manually. And it is worse: the cartoons-like appeareance stays (Trajan is exactly like Julius Caesar in the Asterix saga) and they do not have voice for all the possible replies (only some), so somtimes they just move or gesture or gurgle, like dumb people. Well actually this is fun, so I should put it among the good things.

    There are other aspects to discuss, but I guess I've been long enough. Though, it was necessary, since I did not make myself clear...
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