[BNW] Notification button says "make proposal" for WC, but clicking it does nothing. Cannot advance to next turn


Jul 7, 2014
Very late in a DomV sweep on large map, frustratingly stuck right before assault on last capital.

Possible causes/related facts:

- I've overnuked, and the other civs have barred me from the WC but game doesn't know how to skip me

- I asked for a city in my last peace deal, which I've read can sometimes cause problems. I needed it to launch my last assault from

- I was first to ideologies, choose freedom, passed World Ideology and still amazingly ran into revolutionary wave because 4 AIs went Order. So chose to go Order, but this seemed buggy as the happiness and gold came back in less than 3 turns seemingly

-Some kind of softlock due to sheer number of units. I had like 5 carriers full of places, about 20 rocket artilleries, dozens of battleships and destroyers, a bombs, infantry, etc. galore, and my last intended victim had a bigger military score than mine so likely must have more, esp since he's 12 techs behind me

Any ideas?

Is there a fix by editing some file header or something so I can finish this game. Annoying to play 250 turns of a game and have to quit :(
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