Now we know what the AI starts with on Deity


Dec 18, 2001
Amish Country, Wisconsin, USA
From the cheat explained on another thread

I have found what the AI starts with on Deity level.
This is on Huge map 16 civs.
Each AI civ starts with:

12 military units (varies by techs known)- For example: English starts with 12 warriors, Greece starts with 8 hoplites, 4 warriors.

1 extra settler

3 workers

And a scout (if expansionists, of course)

And the first thing they build is another settler (growth is double the human player, and cost of building units, improvements are half)
Oops:blush:, I never noticed this before in the editor, but I see it now.

So Dan, was that cheat originally intended to be included in the game, or did someone somehow figure out how to hack the program?
Not sure, actually. Perhaps the programmers put it in intentionally as an easter egg, or it might just be an unexpected side effect of a bug :)

We know that the AI gives itself an advantage on Emperor and Deity levels. In my view these levels are for people who have mastered the lower levels and no longer find them a challenge.
Think of it as giving your opponent a head start...say 20 metres in a 100 metre race.

I have tried a test game on both Emperor and Deity and I find it horrendous. I will be staying with Regent and Monarch for a quite a while. Maybe I will never play Emperor or Deity at all but it doesnt matter because you can enjoy the game just as well on any level which you find to be a challenge.
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