[BTS] News: BOTM 263 - Celtic Elves, Deity - Starts Dec 22

Agree with @Fippy settle on coast = death.
Scouting and fogbusting will be critical so we want to produce a few warriors asap. Production will come from forests and chops as far as we can gaze. (fishing must wait)

Maybe between deers is a desirable first city location to give enough work to the initial worker while waiting for bronze (T25 or something?)
If we settle Bibracte next to forested deer, the worker is a 12 turn build.

So jump on the mysterious jungle tile mentioned by @LowtherCastle on T1? Warrior NW > W to see what gets killed?

Depending on how much good land is available, I think @antimony idea of beelining construction makes sense, especially if next AI has lots of forests/jungle, which hinders them usually.

Alas I've never been able to make buffy work on my Civ configuration :cry:
That jungle tile between the two deer seems like the map makers hint at where to settle unless it’s a trap.
It is an interesting question. I don't think that DynamicSpirit would set up that kind of a trap on a Deity map.
Spoiler :
That said, never trust a Map Maker.

Thus, the question becomes: was the Jungle added? Maybe DynamicSpirit moved our Settler when he replaced the Scout with a Warrior, in which case the Jungle is less likely to have been added.

I believe that Jungles in the big, fat cross are normally removed by the map generator, but could there be exceptions? For example, if there is Oil underneath of a Jungle, will the Jungle perhaps remain?

Failing the possibility of the Settler having been moved and if a map-generator will always remove Jungles, then the probability of the Jungle having been added is quite high.

- It's also important to have any good city site you want to grab early fog busted as described by Dhoomstriker. Barb cities spawn early on deity and can steal your spots.
You raise a related, but very useful and separate point. I mentioned spawn-busting, while you mention fog-busting of potential Barb City locations. They are different concepts, and it is worth pointing out the difference.

When we say spawn-busting, we are only referring to Barbarian Units spawning.

But, the generation of a Barb City follows a different set of rules: Barb Cities can be generated in any square that is not currently revealed (in any square that is fogged). By "revealed," we mean any square that the human player or any AI can see, which can be revealed through line-of-sight from a Unit or line-of-sight from Cultural Borders. An important distinction is that while a Barb Unit will prevent other Barb Units from spawning, Barb Units and Barb Culture are not used when determining which squares are revealed or fogged.

Barb Cities tend to spawn in areas with multiple Resources.

Thus, in addition to spawn-busting, it can be worth it to ensure that the squares near a large amount of Resources are unfogged (are fully visible), since, while a Barb Unit might not be able to spawn 2 squares away from our Unit, a Barb City can spawn 2 squares away from our Unit if said square is in the fog.

Doing so may require adding more Units in an area with a lot of Resources, or simply aiming to place spawn-busters to fog-bust the Resource-heavy areas while leaving regions with fewer or no Resources in the fog.

- Note that if you're going for catapults, then after the initial techs (bronze, pottery), you just go for Math (not Alphabet), and then Construction. Math can almost always be traded for iron working on deity, all AIs research that very quickly.
Great idea! Early Math makes Chops more powerful. Construction is a tech that is generally quite hard to get in trade.

Some Deity players swear by teching Aesthetics, as AIs tend to go for Math and sometimes Alphabet more than they do Aesthetics, allowing the player to trade away Aesthetics for Alphabet with a bit of research put into Alphabet. It is also a decent approach that often works well. But, if trading opportunities don't go well, you can get a bit stuck with Wonder-unlocking techs when you usually don't have the resources to be able to build said Wonders. With your proposal, the stronger Chops and the eventual Construction can be useful even if you don't get an AI going for Alphabet relatively early.

It could take quite a while to get to Construction, though, and thus your advice to ensure that there is a source of Copper or Horse connected, and if not, Archery having been researched, would be wise to follow before going after Math and Construction.

Alas I've never been able to make buffy work on my Civ configuration :cry:
Did you switch which Steam version of Civ 4 you are using to "Original Release - UNSUPPORTED"? More details:
Look at the other tabs there for other possible clues, including perhaps the Assets Checker tab if you may have edited any of your Civ 4 files.
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A jungle tile so close to the trunk puts the trunk pretty close to the equator, which doesn’t strike me as likely.

@soundjata: Interesting point on the jungle slowing down AIs. I’m guessing with 8 AIs we’re going to see one east and one west of us. Maybe even a couple more AIs south of the jungle. Southern AI scouts should find us in the first 5-12 turns so we might have an idea of how many AIs settle below the jungle. Also give us an idea of how cramped we might be.
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It is an interesting question. I don't think that DynamicSpirit would set up that kind of a trap on a Deity map.=

Thanks :) And I can confirm that I have not set any deliberate traps. (Of course I can't promise that there's nothing I've missed that won't make the game harder than intended).
Thanks :) And I can confirm that I have not set any deliberate traps. (Of course I can't promise that there's nothing I've missed that won't make the game harder than intended).
Okay, so sticking with the Mrs. Santa Claus and Christmas tree theme, the question is, where is Mr. Santa Claus and the other six reindeer? And especially, where is Rudolph? (Not asking you, of course, DS)
Great player commentary so far. What other ideas/approaches do people have for this deity game, beyond the settling location?
Fred and others already mentioned keeping neighboring AIs Pleased or even Friendly. Kaitzilla has a great resource for knowing if any given AI can plot war at Pleased.

Civ Illustrated #1

Click on the AI you’re investigating and look for:

Can plot war at pleased: Yes :run:
Can plot war at pleased: Nope :cool:

Obviously, your hope is to get the Nopes up to Pleased asap. The others are your primary concern.
Add to Dhoom: on T0, hover over your name in the lower right hand corner to find out the total number of land tiles on the map. This can give you an idea of how crowded the map is. I personally am assuming that a Christmas tree map means some sort of Pangea like map.
Follow-up. If the map is rather small, hence crowded, this can actually nerf the AIs a bit because their eventual expansion might be stunted. In this case, it’s especially important to get peace-loving neighbors up to Pleased because as soon as the AIs get cramped they start looking for war targets.
I don't normally do this but attached to this post are the contender and adventurer starting saves for BOTM 263 - so, get them here if you are having trouble accessing them from the normal GOTM sever download page. There are problems on the GOTM server causing the downloads to intermittently fail, and what with the Xmas period on us, it could be longer than usual to get someone to fix it.

Make sure you have the right one before opening it! (You can tell from the file names)


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