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Jan 25, 2006
New Zealand
New Zealand, a country where sheep outnumber people 10 to 1, where the main exports are sheep and clouds (which kinda look like sheep), as well as wood. Expect to find sheep as a resource, if not much else. There are Mountains and rivers and forests a plenty in this rugged land.

North South

Using the map I requested from Strategyonly, I've edited it to better match New Zealand. I've used topographic digital images, riverways, forestry maps, mineral charts, agriculture statistics, and other such things to try and make a fairly accurate New Zealand map. Making rivers is a hell of a pain.

The Jungles represent native forest, while the forests represent plantations and introduced growth as of now. To create maps representing pre-anybody NZ, essentially all you have to do is cover the entire north island in Jungle.

I've had to add oil to correspond to rather un-economic shale areas - otherwise he who controls Taranaki (the lone mountain on the West coast of the North Island) controls the future. For Iron I also had to take liberties and scatter some along the west coast, though copper is naturally abundant. Though there are a couple of horse breeding regions in the country, to add a bit of balance I tossed a few extra on as well.


Now, this is my first thing, sooo...comments? Do you think there are too many resources on the map?


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To continue this map and make it a project, I would need a pack containing the following civilizations:

Spoiler :
Maori (native people - arrived around 11-13th century AD. A highly adaptive people. They never really formed one people as 'Maori', but rather each tribe had its own identity'. While they certainly defied the Victorian notions of 'Fatal Impact' - the destruction of native peoples due to the 'sheer superiority' of European civilization; introuduced muskets destablilised the tribal boundries leading to slaughter. In the aftermath the missionaries took advantage of this and converted the majority of the Maori, though they adapted rather than adopted Christianity leading to some rather peculiar varients. To the missionaries dismay, they identified far more with the Jews and the ideas of getting their promised land back than some of the strictly Christian messeges. They formed a compact with the English called the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840, but soon after new settlers who had little regard for it (along with discrepancies in the translation) began causing problems. While the Maori kept dominance at first due to numbers, they were soon swamped in land greedy settlers, leading to what are now known as the 'Land Wars' or 'New Zealand Wars'. The Maori tried establishing a King with limited sucess, and later tried non-violent resistance and working within the White mans own legal framework among other things, but by the 1900s Maori land ownership had dwindled to almost nothing from almost everything, and the population had likewise lowered. Since the 80s Maori have regrasped their heritage and the NZ government have tried to redress outstanding grievences with some sucess.

English (Captain Cook explored and mapped the land in the late 18th century. The English claimed it in 1840 after about 40 years of exploitation (felling, sealing, whaling), despite not really wanting to. The English essentially governed NZ from afar and increasingly loosely, until the advent of refrigeration around 1890 leading to a strong bond being established, highly profitable for both countries. NZ essentially became Britains farm, and NZ blindly followed England into the Boer War, WWI, and WWII. With the establishment of the EEU Britain essentially tried to cut off NZ. NZ had enjoyed top five status on the HDI and similar positions economically, but this cut along with other issues led to economic turmoil in the mid 20th century, dropping NZs standard of living far behind Europe and England)

French (Expressed interest in colonising more Pacific nations having already landed in places such as New Caledonia. They formed a settlement at Akaroa in the south island - this along with their Catholocism perhaps drove the English to claim NZ)

Dutch (Under Abel Tasman, first to 'discover' NZ (not counting the inhabitants) - tried to land but was aggressively driven off. Could have been the first, the Dutch could have taken NZ...)

Australia (The large neighbouring country to the West, NZ was administerred for a time as a dependancy of the state of New South Wales. Australia thought NZ would join in its federation as the final state, but NZ had other plans. While similar countries there are strong rivalries, especially in sport, and the two countries have since the 80s become increasingly different ideologically)

Polynesia, New Zealand, America, China, and Japan could also be added. And yes, I know that England + Maori = New Zealand (sort of).

America (along with French and English, they too exploited the resources of NZ. De to trouble in the north threatening their citizens, they considered establishing permanent bases to the alarm of the English. In WWII a colonisation of sorts occured as American ships docked in NZ harbours and partook of it's ladyfolk while the men where away in Europe. Women were seduced by American men with their good manners and gifts of pantyhose. Oh how things have changed :p)

Japan (In WWII Japan advanced further and further South through Asia, taking China, the Philipenes, and most of South East Asia. One pre-emptive attack on Australia was made with mini-submarines, and those same submarines were spotted several times off the coasts of NZ as well. Tensions are still exist over environmental issues such as whaling.).

China (China is growing and growing and it's industrial and military powers dominate the region. Though NZ has housed Chinese since the Goldrushes in the 1860s, a rapidly growing Chinese population in modern times disturbs most conservatives. While relations between the two countries are friendly, increased activity in funding Pacific states by China is a concern when it comes to voting on international issues).

Polynesia (more Samoans, Tongans, etc live here than in the Pacific countries)

New Zealand (The modern country of New Zealand. Known for sheep, greenpeace, epic movies, and tourism. NZ enjoys clear skies and minor pollution, no corruption (haha), and a decent economy that had to reconfigure itself after the turmoil of the 70s and 80s. NZ has always played an active role on the world stage since the 1900s. Though mostly obsessed with sport and alcohol, NZ has contributed many notable persons such as Ernest Rutherford, the man who split the atom (and the worlds first confirmed alchemist), or Sir Edmond Hillary, the first to reach the top of Mt Everest. - a weak and superficial statement, but y'know)

I think all of them bar an actual 'New Zealand' are around somewhere, though i'm not sure about Maori. Since I have no skills in modding or skinning or whatnot I somehow doubt I'd be able to do it. In anycase, it would be entertaining if this map could advance.
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Warlords. Finally a reply :p
How did you determine the scale of the map and the shape of the coastlines? For a Civ2 map of New Zealand I had done, it involved tracing over a map of the coastline with grid paper, expanding it, then correlating each square with the respective coastline within the grid pattern.

Taking liberties with oil seems fine. No point in having an accurate map if it's no fun to play. There's supposedly oil in the ocean around Invercargill and Dunedin. :shifty:
More of a looks based than grid based. Like I said, I had a map whipped up in the map requests thread, then used a variety of topographic maps, riverways, etc to make it more accurate.

I saw a news article about Oil in Stewart Island as well. Might add that.

In any case, this is just my first thing and so help/suggestions on what to add, how to make it more accurate, fun, etc are good. I would like the other thing like a relevant civilizations pack done, but it all requires other people to help and so far there hasn't been much in the way of interest.
A few mods have those, you would just have to use the civilizations in those mods in your map
No idea how to make a Civ pack.
I would play with this map my next game on visa :)

I forgot to add this. There's a Stewart Island if you really want it :p

I've updated the map with Southern oil and some adjustments to the mountain regions.
Hey, congrats on this it looks very very cool
Thanks (I am still lurking around).
I've just discovered this....Awesome! Thanks for the effort involved.

Is there an easy way to convert to a vanilla version? Would be good to play with a friend who doesn't have warlords.

- Gareth
interesting map. are there any playable version with non random starting locations?
Ooh, interest XD

I'm not quite sure how to convert back to Vanilla, and I haven't got a non-random starting locations version (not sure how to do that).

There's now:

Beyond the Sword

As well as a Rise of Mankind converted (all the custom resources added) map (as per uploaded file)


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thx for bts version

I've did a little modification of your bts map:
- flood plains removed from non-desert tiles
- forest removed from coast tile (x=60,y=63)
- all fixed start location removed
- default setting for map changed (marathon to epic, no tech brokering, all victory conditions, etc.)

credits to CMKMStephens for whole map


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Thanks for the clean up :p

I'll reupload later from that, though with defaults defaults (rather than yours or mine) and get to work on those floodplain tiles on the Warlords and RoM map. Unfortunately I also noticed an excessive number of broken rivers (my fault)...oh god I hate doing rivers. Have to fix that across all the maps I guess.

I should've credited strategyonly for the blank map and the navy seal for conversion assistance as well.

BTW, how do you change between fixed locations and random locations?


OK, Warlords and BTS maps are updated with floodplain removal, rivers fixed, etc. RoM as uploaded in this post likewise, along with some resource trimming.
BTW, how do you change between fixed locations and random locations?
In text editor, could be even Notepad (I prefer Notepad++) I search for every "unit" word and remove whole segment about unit. But next I need to remove map reveal for every plot which was saw by those units so I search for every "teamre" word and remove whole line :goodjob:
Oh, I was already doing that in worldbuilder, much easier :p

I feel as though there's something still fixing the locations however as everytime the map generates it seems awfully similar.

I remember in Civ3 you have the actual target placement for starting locations.
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