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Old World designer notes #11: Soren Johnson on the game end

Each extra culture level past Legendary 1 should give an additional VP. A Legendary city is 4 VPs, getting to Legendary II should make it 5 VPs. Is that not the case?

What I meant was to increase the scale. Legendary I -> II = +2 VP (up from +1). Legendary II -> III = +3 VP (up from +1).

The basics of weak to legendary are fine, I think the VP amounts are perfectly fine for the effort it takes to grow that culture. Its legendary II on....its takes so much work to hit those numbers, that I think VP should be more heavily weighted there. This allows for a civ who is playing "tall" to have a better chance at VP....they aren't conquering cities, but my god once a few legendary IIs come online the VP really starts growing.... that would be the idea.
Soren Johnson has again published a blog post about the development work in Old World, this time about the end of the game. He describes the thoughts which went into the ambition system, the relationship to a role-playing AI, and how to make esmach game more dynamic and unique.

An excerpt:

Read the whole blog post here: https://www.designer-notes.com/?p=1748

Its so refreshing when AI is designed by someone who knows what they are doing. I remember listening to his lecture on Civ4 AI long ago, pretty much the same design philosophy. In such games AI is there to provide challenge and immersion not to be a simulated human opponent.
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