Old World update #112


Say No 2 Net Validations
Oct 22, 2008
New update:

Headline changes
  • AI combat improvements
  • Combat damage preview improvement
  • Fixed issue with minimum distance between city sites

  • The minimum distance of AI nations from human players now scales appropriately with the city site density setting

  • AI combat improvements
  • AI no longer attacks when there is no value in doing so
  • AI no longer makes attrition attacks if attacking unit is in danger
  • AI has a better understanding of counterattack damage
  • AI has a better understanding of the Zealot general ability to not die with more than 1 HP
  • AI more mindful of enemy units that can stun
  • Improved speed of Modio mod browser

  • Combat preview damage text next to unit health bar now shows the unit’s maximum damage even if the target has less HP or a Zealot general
  • Leader is now included in reminders for available tutor targets
  • Critical hit preview now updates when a unit’s critical hit chance changes
  • Added confirmation dialogs for load hotkeys
  • Added tooltip info for added turn for building outside territory (only affects forts)
  • Added tooltips for traits in leader customizer
  • Added scroll bar to founding panel to allow use of leader customizer with high UI scaling
  • Added strike bonus to unit attack preview summary against cities
  • Added game log entry when other nation declares war on you on your turn
  • Map Editor – reformatted right-side utilities to compress and shrink vertical size. Removed not-working map autosize button

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with minimum distance between city sites
  • Fixed trait helptext showing hidden subjects
  • Fixed bug with capturing some Roman cities in Carthage 4 scenario
  • Fixed traits being added to a character while iterating over their traits
  • Fix for index out of range crash
  • Fixed bug allowing players to build improvements and roads in non-allied player’s territory
  • Fixed bug in sprite repository asset unloading and loading, which resolves sprite sheet errors when loading games with modded art assets
  • Fixed bug with delayed random traits and relationships
  • Fixed rare trade network bug
  • Fixed some cases where a rival unit in your borders was not getting bumped out of the way when you moved one of your units into its tile
  • Fixed potential border expansion preview issue
  • Fixed some AI city effect valuation issues
  • Fixed citizen count bug when upgrading a building with a queued specialist
  • Fixed some dynasty specific intro events not firing
  • Fixed grayed out “Found Capital” button showing wrong helptext when no Family selected
  • Fixed nicknames not being assigned for new custom characters in events
  • Fixed intro events not triggering in some circumstances
  • Fixed being unable to make truce with an AI after they declared war via an event without having met the player
  • Fixed achievement Alexander The Great not triggering for Alexander Dynasty
  • Fixed Customize leader option not being remembered
  • Text and event fixes
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