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Old World update #122


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Oct 22, 2008
New update is out, https://mohawkgames.com/2024/05/01/old-world-update-122/

Headline changes

  • Archipelago map script improvements
  • Event tweaks and improvements
  • Changes to how players starting reserved city sites are calculated and displayed


  • Archipelago map script improvements. Maps are now 20% bigger than normal maps (down from 40%), large islands are bigger and added Water Size map option
  • The number of reserved city sites (sites near start location not occupied by Tribes) is now set by the Tribal Strength setting
  • The percentage of reserved city sites that are occupied by Barbarians is set by Difficulty
  • Empty reserved sites are revealed on founding your capital
  • Many events restructured and tweaked
  • Events that offer ambitions are no longer canceled if the ambition is completed before dealing with the event
  • Most missions that can result in an event no longer do so on Minimal event level
  • Launch Offensive now costs 800 training, up from 600
  • Peaceful nations borders now count as neutral instead of friendly territory for the purposes of healing
  • Tribal invasions can occur only if one of the player’s cities is reachable from one of the tribe’s settlements
  • Minor Cities now give +10% defense and no longer give Discontent
  • Removed Cult events from Competitive mode (Sacred and Profane)
  • Removed Kush’s nation opinion modifier with Egypt
  • Added difficulty restriction (minimum the Just) for some events that might contain only war options
  • Improvements now allowed to be replaced by improvements of the same class (relevant for shrines)


  • Increased AI value for walls
  • Added InfoCulture.mePrevCulture/meNextCulture so culture levels are properly moddable.
  • Game editor can now decrease city culture by right-clicking
  • City starting culture now properly defined through InfoGlobals (for modders use)
  • Added bAbandonCity bonus (for modders use)
  • Better network match check logging
  • Added GreeceCampaign source folder and LearnByPlaying xml folders to the public reference folders
  • Recommended builds performance optimization


  • Turn summary now always shows birth of royal children
  • Events are now included in cloud game turn summary emails
  • Changed attack preview UI to be a tooltip so it can be locked
  • Removed redundant job line in character tooltip
  • Character tooltip no longer shows agent status for characters on other teams
  • Added new construction states for the Great Cothon and the Colosseum
  • Player turn text now shown in cooperative MP games
  • Cloud game descriptions now stored in the correct language for each player
  • Increased text ping character limit from 40 to 255
  • Removed heir-naming popup when the leader is not the parent
  • Notification header text can no longer wrap to a new line
  • Technology display is now right justified
  • Tooltip verbosity and formatting improvements
  • Changed ‘no worker suggestions’ option to ‘no action suggestions’. Enabling this option removes all unit, city and research recommendations.
  • Improvement ping dropdown improvements
  • In-game options popup shows the email address for that game, can be different per save
  • UI now updates after you kick a player from a cloud game through host settings
  • Added Occurrence log category for notifications and PBC emails
  • Tribal cities (not camps) now show player diplomacy status icon on the city banner
  • The power/knowledge display is now unambiguous in who it refers to
  • Help text for the spread religion option now shows yields that will be gained (from the Oracle, Tolerance etc)
  • Improved display of dropdowns on setup screen when scrolling

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with animated resource display on AMD GPUs
  • Fixed some family icon issues
  • Fixed bonus ship cards not being shown on tooltips and the tech tree when the player has no coastal cities
  • Fixed automate button being shown in non-player cities
  • Fixed some UI interactions with canceling missions
  • Fixed null reference on religious council goal helptext
  • Fixed AI assigning a governor upon settling a new city, when it doesn’t have the orders to do so
  • Fixed enter/return not interacting with save browser prompts
  • Fixed Disjunction One Continent per Team maps sometimes having multiple teams on the same continent
  • Fixed duplicated tech prereq indicators
  • Fixed newly arrived characters past the fertility age being fertile
  • Fixed some asserts and null references when converting a cloud game to network
  • Fixed city links not spawning tooltips in some cases
  • Player and game names can no longer include multiple lines
  • Fixed children sometimes becoming infertile before adulthood (introduced in last weeks test update)
  • Fixed difficulty level tooltip
  • Fixed issues preventing missions from being canceled
  • Fixed mini tech display button not respecting tech tree settings
  • Fixed build recommendation stars not appearing
  • Fixed map script boundary tiles sometimes blocking out important sections of the map
  • Fixed Pharaohs of the Nile scenario 3 major victory not triggering on turn 40
  • No longer possible to rewind a cloud game to a surrendered player
  • Fixed Alt key sometimes getting stuck down, preventing keyboard shortcuts from working correctly
  • Fixed city screen recommendation assert errors
  • Fixed Arid Plateau random map settings
  • Fixed councilors not being selectable if slot is disabled (i.e. Spymasters after Agrippina dies)
  • Fixed city sort issues
  • Fixed city build recommendations and improvement ping icons not always updating immediately
  • Fixed lateral and dynastic succession when the founder is not related to the current leader
  • Fixed leader tooltip not locking on timeline screen
  • Text and event fixes
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