People's experience with "City Site Density: Medium"


May 26, 2020
Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I just want to understand if other people use this setting and what they've experienced.

I noticed this city site density setting recently and I've been playing a ton of games on in (about 10 now). If it works correctly, it would be my preference since I'm not a big fan of city spam. Anyway, I've tried different maps and varying amounts of players (from 4-8) and also I keep city site number unrestricted. But I always find the AI seems to leave some city sites open and doesn't clear out all the barbarians like it usually does. In the normal setting, the fact that the AI is aggressive about attacking barbarians and camping on empty city sites is something I really enjoy. But in medium density I'm finding the AI is leaving sites open even the mid/end-game. Is it too far for them to find?

Anyone else experience the same or different? Thank you.
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Unfortunately, there is currently a bug where the AI does not declare war on tribes in order to expand. This issue has been addressed in the public test version, in case you want to give the setup another try there. On the other hand, if you see the AI not claiming completely vacant sites, or sites occupied by barbarian (not tribe) settlements, that's something different, and submitting a bug report would be a good idea.
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