Personality Traits and Virtue Progression


Oct 21, 2004
Chelsea, MI
Two thoughts / questions from my NSA game that I started last night (up to turn 200 or so) ...

Virtue Order: In the last several games, pursuing diffferent affinity victories, I have tended to pursue both the Prosperity and Might virtues first. My goals are to get to both: Scavenging (Might) to get science from killing aliens; Pathfinders (Prosperity) to get extra expedition modules on my Explorers. Some recent games saw me prioritizing Might with my first 3 virtues, so that I can supplement the meager science from 1 or 2 cities. Some games, I alternated between the two trees.
Last night, I beelined for Pathfinders, while building 2 Explorers before my first expansion city, followed by a third shortly after.
This approach gave me 2 explorers (before turn 80 or 100) that no longer had to keep circling back to replenish. More artifacts, even with out choosing the research that boost them! Going for Might next, only later going for the free Colonist in Prosperity, got me the science I needed.
Which virtues do you prioritize first? Does that change, depending on the victory you're aiming for?

Personality Traits: For the Domestic trait, I tend to choose either Industrialist (boost city production) or Innovative (boost city science) most of the time. If I know that I want to win a Harmony victory, I usually choose Innovative. However, in this game I found that the large island where I started had a lot of tundra terrain. Hard to grow your population with less-than-fertile land. So I chose Humanitarian (boost city food) for this game, which I think is a first. I had chosen Engineers (boost production) for my colonists, which is working well.
In all Civ games, one must play the map -- assess the resources and terrain, decide where to settle, which aspects to emphasize. BERT is part of that pattern.
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