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May 1, 2006
I would like to start a new series of polls whose aim is to narrow down the list of settings and in house rules that most multiplayers agree on to be the best for this game civ4col vanilla.

If the public is for it then it will look something like this:

Game speed

1 quick
2 normal
3 epic
4 marathon

Turn timer

1 yes
2 no

If turn timer yes
1 blazing
2 fast
3 ...
4 ..

Turn limit
1 yes
2 no

If turn limit yes
1 50
2 100
3 150
4 200
5 ...

And work my way through victory conditions and everything that can be manually set down to whether or not teams or ffa, random or picked, leader restricted or not, teams shuffled or not, 2v2 3vs3 1vs1 ect..

And then finally a series of polls that would determine in house rules if any and what they would be. Such as an initial peace time, banning certain founding fathers or tactics like attacking from sea with cannon, to ban pirates or no during peacetime.

And then finally what would be generated is an unofficial list of game settings for use in standard multiplayer games. Or in other words unspoken rules, unless anyone objects to them before a game starts. This would really speed up creation of new games since people wouldnt need to discuss each setting beforehand.

I will not actually start these polls, beyond this first one here to see how people feel about it, unless a moderator gives me permission to and/or creates a subforum to house it. And i wouldnt even ask for a permanent change to the forums just a temporary one and once all the polls timers close would be able to archive them to clean up forum.
I just realized i could simply make 1-3 polls and let people vote multiple times to gather information on a few aspects of the game in each thread, instead of a very large number of polls where i would have to wait for one poll to finish before i could start the next one related to it.
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