New Colonist City: What do you build?


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Dec 31, 2005
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So imagine you have just plopped down a brand new colonist city (I've shown one as an example). What would your general build order be to build it up?

Note: There are of course going to be certain city conditions that might warrant a specific building, but the idea is to consider a general case, what would you general build to best improve such a city?

My thoughts:

1) Chancery: Assuming I have 3+ CS allies, chancery gives a large amount of hammers.
2) Armory: Just a solid yield base at a reasonably low cost.
3) Bank: I am going to want to invest to get this city moving, and getting science for the work again just helps this city pay for itself.
4) University
5) Circus -> Zoo: Both give instant yields that help pay for this city quickly to ensure its pull its weight. If there are any forest/jungles around the zoo gets even better.

From here a struggle a bit more. Should I get Caravan/Custom House....or maybe opera house first?
Production above all, except for Bank which kinda counts too because you will want to buy all the buildings anyway. Production is prioritized because you need it to get the city up to speed. Chancery is always my first pick as it gives the most production in all games I have played pretty much. Very rare to not have at least a few CS allies.
I'd go first with university (for the science on +pop) or bank (science from investing).
I'm not a fan of chancery as I rarely have CS allies because I'm always aggressive. And on deity I can rarely compete for CS favor against the Front Runner. This is almost always something I only build because it's one of the last remaining choices.


These are priority, but again, I love growth. More citizens is always useful. And again I always look for the shortest build time with the best yields. That's why I chose University before grocer.

It does get harder to choose from here. Do you need WLTKD? If yes, Circus. Do you need units? Then the Armory. But maybe the Garden helps you to boost culture.
At that stage I would have a lot of cities already and neighbours that dont like me, probably something like:
1. walls
2. chancery (if you have enough CS)
3. armory
4. castle (could go later if no threats and smaller empire)
5. circus
6. university
7. bank (could go earlier if you can afford to buy a lot)
Bank first, for sure. You have a pretty solid gold income and you'll want to invest in buildings here to bring this city up to speed, and so you'll make the most out of the bank's bonuses. I'd probably go for walls then a circus next.
well the FIRST thing is faith buy buildings. I always have a missionary ready to same-turn convert it.
but then it depends on my build and the situation. roughly in order:

chancery if I'm rolling in CS allies
another colonist if I have more land to grab and didn't pre-make enough of them
bank if I'm rolling in gold such that I'll be investing in most things
circus if I've got border growth yields or just want to grab more tiles
walls if it's likely about to be attacked (close proximity with someone I'm already at war with, or there are more barbs than my units can handle)
armory if I want to use it to make/buy units, or if I'm past the supply cap (in which case it moves up to first)
work boat if I bought a worker and there are also sea resources

pure yield per turn buildings like university only come after the higher priority situational things
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It's interesting to see not only the build order that people prefer, but the reasons they will build. For instance I have never considered border growth to be something to be concerned with. I'll usually attempt to settle next to tiles I'll be using in the near future. And if there is a border dispute I'll just declare war and Annex the city in question. The sole purpose of circus for me is to trigger we love the King Day and to advance to the next building in the tier. It literally has no other use for me. So if I've already gotten we love the King Day from a trade resource then the circus can be held out for a long time.

Also to the exact opposite of the above poster, I try to build the highest yield buildings first. The longer these buildings are in place the more you'll benefit from them. Doesn't mean I'm necessarily correct, as long as we both win. 😉
At that late turn I'd go chancery or if few cs allies bank first then follow similar build order of yours, purchasing workers/boats, but giving there's no jungle I'd skip university until I have enough improved tiles/specialists so that any new citizen is working a decent tile. At 36% happiness you don't want to grow that city at all, so it'll probably work Lake Vicky + 3 iron mines/engineers + 1 fish only.
Armory gets the priority if a militaristic CS will gift a unit there.

What happened to the passed proposal that's supposed to base the gift unit's XP on the CS's buildings? It's "Implemented" but not working.
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