pretty please allow for bigger maps


Dec 24, 2004
I read in the CFC Civ4 guide by Civrules that the largest map in Civ 4 will be "slightly" smaller than the largest map in Civ 3 :( because of the move to 3D (why does 3D affect it anyway? ... RTW was able to be faster 3D than 2D versus MTW)

I know they probably won't change this, this late, but could they please allow you to at least click on "Advanced Options" or something that allows you to use BIGGER maps ... like the big maps in TETurkhan's mod which is 256x256 IIRC ... his upcoming mod will be 352x352 IIRC. Or at the very least make it so that you can easily mod it to allow for bigger maps. If they don't I think I might stick to Civ 3 :)
You can easily mod the maps to be bigger, just like in CivIII. Besides, expansion's going to be much slower, so you'll probably find the maps just fine.
I usually play regular map with 31 Civs and it's a ton of fun. If you can, try playing the tiny map with 31 Civs, it's hilarious (in a stressful sort of way)
jcikal said:
It's not the size that counts but how you play with it :lol:

I don't know if I should laugh my head off, taunt you harshly for such humor, or both! :lol:
Not to boast, but I have a pretty top-notch system all maxxed out, and Civ3 STILL runs sluggish on the larger maps. I have been playing tiny and small to alleviate this problem. I would love to have huge maps, like 1000x1000 tiles, but it just ain't gonna happen!
Rome in the Modern World? Is that a mod/scenario you're building?
ew0054 said:
Rome in the Modern World? Is that a mod/scenario you're building?

I already released Rome in the Modern World III on here... and it's also on my website. It's a few downloads due to size.

I rewrote a decent chunk of the Civilopedia, named every ships of three of the Civs and put a fair amount of detail into it.

The file links are at the bottom right of the page, I need to change the color of them as green over white looks bad. Oh well, I'll do a major revamp of my page right before Civ IV comes out.

However, I will make version IV for Civilization IV... as I will have a lot more ability to mod it thuroughly... making for a more immersive experience. I'm already planning BOTH of the scenarios mentioned in my sig. I might start a thread soon discussing ideas for them, so I can get feedback and come up with really nice scenarios.

Neither will be released with the game, unless I get an e-mail in the near future asking otherwise... It's just an official announcement from me saying I will do them.
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