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Aug 4, 2005
I have a princess next to my town I can`t move her :rolleyes: what should I do with my princess ? A few years ago I captured London and I found an english princess in it what can I do with her ? :mad:
Are you playing a scenario that loaded using civ content? If so which one. I have not palyed any, but I would expect that the pedia has the princess as a unit and tells what it is for.
If you play with "Capture the Princess" on, I think you should capture her with another unit and carry to your Capital to get Victory Points. When you move a military unit on the tile where the Princess stands, you should see a command icon (near "Rename unit", "Fortify" and others), which, when you click on it, allows you to "tie" the Princess to your unit. The Princess should go everywhere the "captor" goes.

I haven't played this mode for a long time, and I don't know if it works as it was intended.
I play "capture the princess", :rolleyes: my knight stand next to english princess but I don`t see any button to capture her. :mad: Maybe something wrong with my game. ?
Next to?

Try the same tile as the princess. ;)
If you are confused about this turn on the grid.

You must bring the princess to your capital (10k Victory Points for doing so).

Edit: and welcome to CFC! [party]
I thought capture the princess was broken in c3c. It must be an advanced unit action button that allows capturing her? This is the only explaination for players that haven't been able to capture a princess.
When you move a military unit on the tile where the Princess stands you will see a button, press it and the Princess is yours. :)

TruePurple said:
Hehe, yes you need to get on the princess to capture her. :evil:

*whistles innocently* What?!

Now, no dirty thoughts please. :nono: There are many impressionable young minds reading these forums. ;)
What happens if you don't press the capture button? Does it go away and never come back???
I've moved units off and back on again, built one someplace else and sent it there, no "capture" button has shown up that I can see. Fortunately, I saved the game before I did capture her, so maybe I'll go back to that one and try it again to see what happens.
Ok, here's another question, does Victory Points have to be active? :blush:
watorrey said:
Although it is possible and may explain alot if true, I think it has been determined that the Advanced Unit Action buttons need to be enabled.
Um, they are. I just realized that I didn't have Victory points as one of the game options, so I restarted. I think I'm going to make a little scenario and try it out so I don't have to wait so long.
Ok, I set up a scenario specifically so I could capture a princess quickly. I had capture the princess and victory points, I attacked, destroyed the town and occupied the square with the Princess. There was no Capture button.

This is version 1.22.

Any other settings I might be missing???

Does kinda make you wonder exactly WHAT they're playing that Capture the Princess works for them, don't it.
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